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Any type so once they're done to go back And change everyone sort of like great Great thank you keep going you know Um there were no allowance announced That they will be going on the second Trip for the adult side so you'll be Invited if you're a holder to partake in The second trip on the 25th of March Which is like two weeks away and the First truck was a massive massive Success there wasn't any terrain or Anything like that you know there were Some blocks you could jump on but there There wasn't much terrain but we saw Those really bringing excitement to the Space Um and now you've got your second trip Coming 24th of March anyone who's Took in one of the first ones or has Bought one of the nfts that did partake In one of the first ones if you partake In the second one your nfts metadata Will be changed and show that you did Partake in the second trip so it's Something that's worth doing because it Does help the Rarity of the nft Damn damn you know what let's go I'm Just gonna be along for the ride on this Yuga thing see what they do maybe I need To just have faith Just have faith and stop hating I mean the thing is the thing is if Yuga Fails I really think the space is gone You know really seeing if they fail I'm

Not saying if they fail on one thing I'm Saying if Yuga fails if boarded your Club is zero tomorrow mutants are zero Either D to zero everything goes to zero Overnight Hold on that's a warning sign for nft Okay it's a warning sign but you don't Think D Gods is Just Gonna Fill in that Gap all the projects that are blowing up Twitter right now that are way better at [ __ ] posting pudgy Penguins happy seals You don't think they step up to the Plate and maybe we have five top five Projects rather than one leading the Charge I'm not and I think yeah I think if the Biggest fails the one with the most Amount of money and influence in the Space and they go to zero it everyone Else is going to be like holy [ __ ] if They can go to zero anyone can go to Zero no one's going to want to invest a Hundred etheria Zuki because if Yuga can Go to zero izuki can go to zero if you Can go to zero anyone can go to zero so You want them you want them to continue Pushing the envelope and doing well Because it is in the best interest of The space it really is if if one of the OG projects that are doing this full Time with the team of Android can't do Amazing stuff and keep people excited Then what are we doing here because no One else your friend you're Frank from D

Gods with these his friend next to him Trying to make something with all his Heart is not going to be able to Replicate what a team with 500 million Dollars and 100 full-time employees is Trying to do so you know we want them to Do well I I that's my feeling on it you Know Yeah Lots of what you guys think in the chat About this And yes I've got John saying he thinks Suzuki's strong enough look I I don't Think straight away everything goes to Zero I'm just saying like if you get the Biggest project can actually go to zero It's not great for the for the nft space In general I mean let us know what you Guys think in the comments I'm Interested Yoga is the top blue and falls right as You guys can get in charge For sure for sure I mean look I just Want to see that I want to see the big Guys doing well I want to see Doodles Doing well I want to see a Zuki doing Well I want to see clone X doing well The the big 510 patches has now come Into that I want to see them doing well Because if we can get like 10 projects That can establish themselves as real Use cases of of nft technology and and Show that they can be sustainable Businesses that's good for the space

Right whereas if the 10 biggest ones Can't make it happen what are we all Doing here right True true yeah I guess so I don't know I I have a lot I have a lot more Conviction in the space so I don't I Didn't I do not believe that the place Which [ __ ] itself I mean [ __ ] itself a Little bit but I don't think that would Be the end I don't think that'll be the End Well it's sort of like a like when FTX Failed and Luna failed did that end Cryptocurrency no right Close dude it was even kind of close Like it did not do it they were the Biggest no no look if chicks did right If you look at crypto pricing I mean That's booked the market oh um three Months later and we're fine though is What I'm saying like if nft They're not the Hugo of crypto I think We'd see it if like binance okay a coin If tomorrow we woke up and buying us at Coinbase were gone I think crypto would Get a lot of traffic I think it Disappears yes I agree but that's only If all five of the top things crash You're saying if coinbase binance FT Yeah if all of them collapse yes but all Of them have already collapsed except For badass and coinbase Like what I'm saying is if if binance Bytes if nothing else collapsed but it

Was just binance or it was just coinbase It would be fine in three months and I Still believe it'd be the same if board Dave's crashed it would be really tough For a few months and then we'd be right Back where it started without board Apes Like that's something that's how we did It FTX disappeared that was one of the Biggest market shares for cryptocurrency Uh you know Banks basically and here we Are completely fine I think it'd be the Exact same thing I think someone else Just pops up because we need to trade Crypto I don't I don't think anything Would get to the the value of of like a A rare board okay I wouldn't let me let Me speak to let me speak about myself if A Yuga failed I would not feel Comfortable spending a hundred each on Any nft And is that bad though up until this Point I have done that I have brought a Board ape at around about that price Before and I've spent that sort of money On an nft because it was human I believe In them I believed in the space and all The rest I'm saying if Yuga fails I will Not spend that sort of money on a single Nft in my life again because if if Yuga Could have failed and I may have been a Holder at the time which I'm not I sold That one but I then I'm scared to spend 100 ethosuki or even if that was the Full price of Suzuki at the time that's

What I'm saying with it but I see uh Yeah we've got mixed comments I've got Rio hearsay she disagrees Hugo will Eventually Fade Away nft technology Instead of that so let me clarify one Thing nft technology or rather let's Call it blockchain technology is 100 the Future and it's here to stay a million Percent Blockchain technology is not limited to A picture of a monkey The use case for blockchain technology Is much broader and that is there Forever to have a ledger of every Transaction ever made that's going to be For ticketing it's going to be for your Your documents for your marriage Certificate it's going to be for proof Of ownership it's going to be for your Transactions at a bank it's going to be Your transactions at Starbucks it's Going to be everything that's happened That's there to stay regardless but I'm Saying nfts pictures pfps if yoga fails It's not I don't know I don't know where We are interesting things how much would That here's here's what I would think Here's what my like perspective on this If that happened we obviously would Crash very hard but I think it'd be very Temporary I think it'd be maybe I don't Know how long like maybe it's one month Maybe it's six but what I think would Happen is instead of having one

[ __ ] up front so far ahead that Nobody can reach them is it turns into a Little bit more decentralized which Everyone wanted anyway I would much Rather like this I think this is why I Hate it on board apps because I don't Really like having one leader so far Ahead because if they're not there then You know maybe someone fills them you Know if they disappear maybe deegans Would come in or whoever Doodles comes In and they end up taking the lead Anyway but what may happen is we have a Different we have a culture shift in nft Pfp uh like these gen world where we're In like the people that nobody else Accepts you know 10 000 people are in Maybe the culture in this little world Changes and it becomes less about which One can get to 150 Ethan replace board Apes and rifle board Apes but it becomes Yo like it's okay to like maybe operate In a world where 50 to eth is the cap Like maybe that's fine maybe it changes Or whatever yeah like I think I think That would happen you know and I think We almost I think it was just naturally Things would naturally fall into place As they're going to but I just I just Don't believe that the the culture like The reason I have so much conviction the Reason the reason I bother to stay in This part of nft is when honestly most Of my content that I want to make

Doesn't really revolve around anything That's going on in Dijon world it's all Educational focus a lot of it's outside Of the realm I still think that this Place is so much there's so much Reason to still operate in this world Because the the communities and like Connecting with people and being an Occult is the reason I get out of bed Like I like to post on Twitter because I Want to interact I can't I can't like When I talk to people at the restaurant And and I'm like yo what do you like do All day like what are you what's your Like hobbies and like they just go to Work they come back but they don't have Hobbies they don't have like a cult they Don't have like a gym an MMA gym they Don't have like a yoga class that they Know all the people in and I'm like so You don't have a people how do you Survive mentally without a people a Community some kind of thing you know And that's what keeps and if that's the Glue that holds nfts together and I just Don't believe that Fades no matter what Project disappears I think so you know I think this is the Benefit of the two of us no I don't know Look I'm just kidding that's just my Opinion we no no I'll tell you because We're coming from such different places So here before the market went to Absolute [ __ ] and you're sitting with a

Trader that's who I am of Blue Chips Correct I had over 600 nfts hundreds and Hundreds of eso value I've owned you can See behind me just some of them bought a Mutants are clone X I've had cool cats I've had yeah over all of it absolutely All of them I've heard of my petrolic And I've had a couple of Barbados I've Got all of them you name it I've had Them a doge pound when Doge pound were Bigger I saw so I've traded on the high Level I'm saying from that perspective If the highest value one can go from 100 Each to zero that scares me to put Hundreds of each into it whereas from a Community the perspective of a 0.5 East Nft or 0.18 nft that makes no difference Really so you coming from their Perspective where you value the art and It's not just about the the budget of How much you've got to spend you you Value Community you value art you value Those are your things and that's the Benefit that you bring to to your Viewers into a show like this so we're Coming from completely different Viewpoints so yes I still think I still Think there'll be the want and the need For a membership and to be a part of the Group and a community and if you need to Buy a token for half an Ethernet great Would the whales out there be Comfortable dropping hundreds of Hundreds of thousands of dollars

Millions of dollars less so less so You'll be scared because the biggest one That was the safest because it was the Biggest blue chip that one's gone to Zero the next one at 50 each could go to Zero right And so do you want to spend 50 years Whereas I'd be happy to put 51 East in At that stage I'd be happy to buy into 50 projects that I believe in at one Each and again Um there's a whole lot more I mean you Know the friends Um You know when you see those tweets uh Not the tweets the announcements where It's like you know what we talked about Today 48 sold for 450 each I don't think anyone gives a [ __ ] about That I really except for the top you you Care because you're you've been at that That's amazing yeah That is that is a very small portion of Nfts most people have never spent even One eth on an nft so for them they like They're like oh I care because people Care but like they don't care the news That they care about is yo this mint Went from 0.05 to 0.3 people just made 400 that's what people care about that's The news that gets I mean

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