Yuga Labs & Ryder Ripps SETTLE court case

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Yeah I mean it's a little bit Interesting but more interesting because It's it's interesting to get into I know I just said interesting like 400 times It's interesting to get into Hugo's Legal mindset in general because of These crypto planks from Bitcoin right Because I I can't imagine that you guys Happy that there's now someone using Their name on bitcoin nfts right so it's Going to be interesting to see what Happens there and I think you might be Able to get a bit of insight to see this Uh you know what's been happening here In this lawsuit with writer reps uh very Very briefly um there was a separate Video on this that I did on my channel Not sure okay did you do us uh the Writer rips uh you guys the whole thing On your channel yeah I think I did so You're also on Kate's Channel but but Very very basically Rider rips this guy Um you know a lot of people said he was Looking for attention a lot other people Said he had a great Point Um he originally actually copied some Crypto puns Um and he was trying to prove a point That you were allowed to copy them if You just change one small thing about Them or something to that effect Um and you've got a cease and desist on The crypto Punk collection if it was Crypto punch it was something like that

Something in the yoga ecosystem and um And he ended up refusing to adhere to Because he said legally they can't do it That's the whole point he was trying to Prove openc took their collection down And then actually had to reinstate it Because Yuga didn't press charges they Couldn't prove that they could he then Went on to do the same thing or a Similar thing with the board APR Club Collection and Yuga pretty much said Enough is enough you copying our artwork You and and you're copying uh literally Copying our artwork he also launched it With a whole Um video about how yoga labs are Nazis And and racist and Um or all things like this which was big In the space when it happened anyway Hugo Labs took him to court Um and they've been fighting backwards And forwards for quite a while they have Now decided to settle together So they have said we we're not carrying On with the court case and they've come To an agreement between the two of them Yuga labs and Ryder rips the terms of Which we don't know exactly it's a Confidential agreement and but we do Know certain things about it so the one Thing is that Um writer has said that they has agreed That he's not allowed to use their Artwork again in future so he cannot do

What he's done on crypto punks and he Cannot do what he's done on the border Collection again he agrees to that he Won't do it in future Um whether there was a monetary Settlement on either side no one Actually knows Um but Um yeah I mean the Yuga was claiming That Ryder rips only to this to profit That he made over five million dollars So I don't know other people are saying That radar probably just ran out of Money for legal fees and just wanted to Settle no one knows the exact terms of It but we do know that it has been Settled out of court now Damn interesting out of court hmm well It just means out of court meaning they Met the two teams lawyers and whatever Met I said let's settle the next time They went to court and they said to the Judge we've now settled we don't need You to rule on this case or prasada so It's called settling out of court right So it's not like the judge ordered these Terms the court case never ended the the Court case never finished there was no Findings yet or Wards of Damages or Anything the two parties yoga labs and Ryder reps came to an agreement together Where they agreed to settle and remove The court case from the courts Hmm wait so is the collection up I

Forget No no the collection's down and he's not Allowed to do it any any further you Want a [ __ ] ton of money from that I Imagine he spent a lot of it on the Court cases in like that I imagine he Did really with lawyers like that it Does go pretty quickly Um But yeah I mean this has been going on For a long time yeah yeah you can see That collection the most recent one Um when it was on open seat was taken Down within 24 hours but still selling On other marketplaces they could they Reached a 1.1 each floor which was Absolutely crazy I remember that I Remember people buying it one year and I Was like yikes this is gonna end bad Yeah yeah and yeah I honestly I don't Have too many thoughts on this just Because it's so long ago and I figured It just kind of got buried amongst all The other things I completely it's been In court it's been equal but now it is Funnel now it's finalized settled all Been done and dusted oh that's a Different view I don't know do you Prefer that or do you prefer the up Sorry the shooter's got a label at the Back there keeps scratching so this Actually is Alpha for you because I've Seen your tick tocks and I've seen that A lot of times we why is this doesn't

Really help that but this will help the Segments where we are talking and There's no uh screen sharing is that When you're clipping this up for tick Tock it's better to have this than the Other one because you have more can we Get both of us in this yeah because if You're gonna clip if you're gonna edit It for tick tock you can you should keep It like this because these are already Compressed how it's going to be on tick

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