Yuga Labs reveales Dookey Dash, a skills-based mint open to holders of a Sewer Pass

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Be quicker but it's going to be a whole Gamified experience I think let's jump Straight into it let's chat about the Surpass Um because this is you you guys dropped A lot of information about their their New drop here the Surplus So you come here and it says get ready To do with the double O A key Dash right So it says Jimmy the monkey's Atomic [ __ ] has ripped a hole in the space time Continue and now he's passed out in the Toilet in the ultra secure Outcast is The key to a mysterious and very Important box stuck in his battle sure Is we gotta get that key and the only Way is through the bowels of the board Apocalypse Claim your pass so this is where we see The different type of tiers depending on What board APR Club Um nfts you hold you will get different Tiers of a pass then on the 18th of January the Sur opens and you're going To be able to get into the Sur and um Then you're going to have this gamified Experience where you've got to try and Find gems amongst the [ __ ] okay and Depending on what you find will Determine the Rarity of your nft when it Finally gets there on the 8th of Feb Because you're going to be playing all The way from the 18th of Jan until the 8th of Feb okay so you've got three

Weeks you can play as many times as you Want and players will be rewarded based On their performance in the sewer when The sewer closes the leaderboard freezes After schools will be validated and Eligible sewer Parcels will prepare for The summer zings and the higher score Gets the key so the the truth is is just Having a sewer pass is not going to Guarantee you to get a key you have to Actually participate and come somewhere On the leaderboard so a couple of Initial thoughts on this I mean first of All there was expectation that this Would have been able to be done in um Other deed yeah in on other deed itself And it's not it's a separate little game To that the other thing is that I mean I Know that the whole thing with broad Apes is that the apes are bored and have Got so much money and nothing better to Do but I don't have [ __ ] three weeks To cancel everything I have going on in My life and such are playing in a swear Yeah and I I don't know how many people Do Um so so that's also another thing that People are realizing is that it's going To take a lot of time and energy to get Anything worthwhile and yeah there's Been a lot of fun as we've seen the Floor's gone down about 15 to 20 on all The Hugo Labs ecosystem and I was Wondering what you thought Kate what are

You thinking about right man I was Literally thinking the exact same damn Thing bro I was like wow so you pretty Much have to be a gamer to capitalize at All on this but then but then I thought About this Philip because I don't know If you saw already player one I know People make fun of me for this because I Allude to Ready Player One quite a bit Because I just I just don't believe I Mean I know that's a very futuristic Setting but I don't think we're far away From an experience similar where you are Totally immersed in a world where you Get to [ __ ] around and do whatever but In that game World it it also mattered Like can you complete the race can you Complete these challenges if you can't You're [ __ ] useless basically you're Not going to get all the cool stuff and I thought about that because I was like Is it always going to be this way where You have to perform in some capacity to Win and I think in some ways it will be I think some games are going to take a Certain direction like Board of Yacht Club once they opened up the other side It's like okay you just introduced x Amount of millions of [ __ ] dollars The takeaway here is now that the other Side is now you are a gaming company Which means you have effectively really Cut out eighty percent of people because 89 people aren't Gamers at all

Um so I don't know man boy boy club Ecosystem scares me because they're so Bullish but at the same time dude if you Take away some of the hype and momentum You're like Oh [ __ ] I could see someone else coming In and taking over but it would be crazy Bro to see someone Flipboard Apes one Day that'll be iconic Yeah look I think it's nice that they're Trying something new and innovating I Think it's too childlike in general just The [ __ ] and all of this I know that That's their their roots and they're Trying to stay close to their Roots I Don't particularly like it Um Kate I'm actually gonna try I'm Trying now to join the spaces again the Other thing is that so you get them in Pass which is what it's showing over Here for those of you that can't see the Screen on Twitter spaces just the first Step of this is a mint pass then you get To evolve it right and by playing in the Interactive Skill based game then after That there's another mini game And then after that you can either do Another mini game or you get to combine It with your border Kennel Club so by Having a board a camera cup you don't Have to pay the third game so this is This is like a ways away you're only Going to find out about it you're only Going to find out about your mint pass

Turning into an EVO One on the 8th of Feb and then there's still Evo 2 and Evo 3. Dude that's a little bit huge I'm not Gonna lie yeah yeah man I don't know I Feel like they're really flexing their Creativity here I just don't know like If it's too nerdy because it's kind of Like when When any Discord pops back up and you're Like yo like what's going on and they're Like well we're like building some stuff But it's like you don't really know what Percentage of your audience or what kind Of what percent of your buyers like what Percent of 40 Yacht Club people give a Single [ __ ] about this dude they are Just trying to be part of the boy Beyond Club ecosystem I think these things and When you introduce these things is try And trying to be the Builder of them it Just gets super high risky because it Gets [ __ ] complicated and there's a Bunch of nonsense going on um and then Philip I was gonna say for the for the Twitter space dude I normally do my Streams at one because right now we're Competing with the top five streams all At once [ __ ] the name is going leaves Going threat guys going Elio trades is Going like everyone is on Spaces right Now it's like the most heated time so Um I think if we get anyone in spaces It'll be a little bit later on in the

Show All right so currently is there no one In the spaces I do every once in three guys and Leos Right now not a single person So much well I appreciate it we Appreciate the Five Guys who are here Um on YouTube and then I can stop Worrying about Twitter spaces and just Focus on this Um let me know if we get anywhere we Could like make them a golden Twitter Space person because yeah you have to Think about this film like with Tick Tock and Twitter are very similar I'm Attacking both similar in a Content way Like Tick Tock and you and uh Twitter Right now you can't like there's no like Your your followers don't matter on Those like no nothing matters like Because you're not making really content On that platform yet like that and to to Get people to to tune into a show on Spaces you have to show up for like four Weeks straight every day and like Actually show up and be there so it's Like way different than anything I've Ever built I've always just done one-off Videos and in live streams once a week But like to do a show like this I think It takes like a few weeks before people Even realize you're doing spaces like They just don't even bother scrolling Across you know they just click on the

First one Well you know us we don't we don't give Up at the first head also we'll carry on Um so I just want to I want to finalize This so that each surprise belongs to One of the four tiers based on the Yuga Lab assets that you hold and then each Chair has a point bonus so the higher The tier the the bigger the bonus that You'll be getting is right then skill Matters so you've got to really try to Play the game there's going to be a Number board and the best of the best Scores will get the best of the best of What Gary is summersing Gary is that dog So the points really really matter I Imagine that has to be Rarity and then Go on the power trip so before a run You'll be able to buy a power up pack With eight coin and that will allow you Um to have a booster for 10 minutes for From when you purchase the power pack For apecoin so two eight power packs are Totally optional and the more that you Use the the longer you get there so I Mean it's really quite complicated it I Mean I know the other riddles were Really very complicated but this one is Going over three weeks and it's just Going to be interesting to see the Buy-in you know where the guys are going To come at the time needed you will get Your Die Hard fans who do it Um but I do think you're going to have a

Lot of people that will be excluded from It because they just don't have the time To to be able to put into this Dude the

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