Yuga Labs & Gucci Limited Edition Otherside Metaverse Jewelry – Necklace & Pendant

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Same so the last story Um sort of it's a mixture of the two Hopefully Kate liked it because it's Yuga I know he doesn't want to hear Another thing but it's also but it's Gucci which is a massive web shoot brand So hopefully that comes and and gets Kate's attention because this is quite Cool and we we didn't tell you guys that There was this long-term partnership Between Gucci and Yuga we covered it I Think it was two weeks ago the first Thing they've done is they've launched This pendant this necklace collection of Three thousand that are going to be both Digital and physical so you'll be able To wear them on your Coda or Your Vessel As well as in real life the price for Them is 458 which is about two thousand Dollars but if you think and it seems to Me to be a silver necklace definitely Not gold Um so but if you just think like you Can't even get a Gucci scarf you know Like a real Gucci like you'll get a Gucci stuff for that maybe but actual Pendant where there's only gonna ever be Three and a half and that also has value In the metaverse and that can be used in The metaverse if that ever becomes what We think it's going to become but if it Doesn't you've always got this limited Edition 3000 uh necklace so I think is pretty

Pretty cool to see their first step how Are they rolling it out and it does say Here that it is 925 Silver Um with an antique finish it features a Coda shaped pendant with the GG Engraving and the interlocking to the g Chain so if you know Gucci that's the Usual g chain Um they've collaborated together to Release this limited edition painted and Offers a digital visual upgrade to Existing coders all vessels vessel nfts Including the trail VFX and a branded Chat handle in either side Um the cell began yesterday and last 24 Hours so a yeah we'll wait to see I do Think it's sold out by now The price of each was 458 eligible Participants must own a coda or vessel Nft in order to participate I mean you Could always just buy this on nft off The floor and it will be first come First first uh first sold Um yeah man I think this is pretty Freaking cool was announced on the Official Twitter as well they're excited About it and yeah I like it this is a Cool dude there is a tweet my uh my Friend Alchemy chains I think is on Twitter and he makes uh he made this Jewish Kingdom pendant actually with the George Kingdom signature on which is Beautiful it's very very high quality uh If you guys want to grab one of those

Definitely look them up I think it's Just Alchemy chains so you can see with The light see the George cream signature On there Um Yeah it's a little bit hard to see Hold On Me Anyways um he made one of these he Made a tweet and he was like I can make One of these uh one of those Gucci pens For way cheaper and I can customize it However It's not Gucci it's not like naturally From Gucci right this is cool as Because there is genuinely a limited uh Amount of these Gucci chains and these Can hold value for a very very very very Very very long time Um because Gucci's a goaded uh Hype brand right and uh also speaking of Gucci I will be giving away some Gucci Real Gucci at nft NYC if you find me out There in real life I have three items Two of them are Gucci Um and I'll be giving them away so I Haven't really released any details on That but I do have a couple things from Gucci that I picked up a couple years Ago that I just don't have any use for It just sits in a drawer and I Love them but I was like why why do I Have these I don't there's nothing There's no reason for me to have these When I can just give these away for fun At a conference that I only go to once a

Year so find me out in New York bro buy Me out in New York Yeah it sounds cool man I might even Come to New York just to get some Gucci Sounds amazing Yeah it's just really really cool just For fun just for some fun yeah and I Think that's cool okay do you know What's nice are you always doing Something different my bro Um yeah and you you got you are you Following your own path and I love that About you and for those of you that are Watching on YouTube you can see I'm just Showing how it will look like when you Put this on your Um Coda so the virtual side of it Um But yeah man I think it's so cool I Think it's super super cool Um there's your digital version of it And then he has your physical version I Mean they really really look pretty sick I mean I I personally wouldn't like wear It but I would like it as a collector so I am a jiggly guy yeah I mean I've got Some really like special stuff around my Neck that I've always worn Um the maggot of it I'm Jewish my Parents gave this to me when I turned 13 On my barometer and I've worn they gave It with the necklace and that muggage of It is I've worn that my whole life since I was 13. and then the blue one is from

Bianca's dad Um he's a Juliet and he made this blue One for me I don't even know what stone It is Um and then the round one is from my Children and then the circle one is from Bianca so I've got something from my Parents got something from Bianca's Parents I've got something from my kids And I've got something from uh Bianca so Like just really special stuff and then I've always has won the spaces which my Parents gave me with that so it's all Sentimental Um so I really like that and you know so Gold is my jewelry stuff so I wouldn't Wear something silver Um even if it was of gold I like I Wouldn't wear a Gucci thing or something Like that Um but I would like to collect it Because I am a collector and I love nfts Um and I love Yuga and I like Gucci so I Don't know I mean I don't really have Any Gucci stuff Gucci I know Bianca's Got some Gucci stuff she likes uh to Gucci jewelry so maybe it's more of a Girl Um Julie brand I don't really wait are You gonna are you gonna get one I don't plan on getting one I'm not into The gaming side of of you at this point I think they're still a far way out Um I'm still quite you know British on

Their pfp nft side the gaming side I am Bullish on them I just think there's a Long time out I think there's a lot of Time for the price to come down and be More more Um attractive to me to get into into it Again I mean I've been into either side Numerous times in and out but yeah I Mean I'm Still Loving what they're doing I think as I said they've been Announcement after announcement they Also like the Katie does things outside The box and chart their own path and This is another example of how they're Doing that 100 dude

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