Yuga Gets NEW Game Ecosystem!!!

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And I also see this on my timeline a lot Yuga is spreading itself too thin uh so They got the forge they got Legends of The mara they got battle town that came Out I think a week or two ago and now They got rec league these games have Different purposes they belong to Different ecosystems and they attract Different audiences here's a breakdown Below by J Bond I would also give him a Follow so right now if you have been Keeping up with my entity album videos You know about the forge with the heavy Metals so the forge is six seasons and Uh you're evolving your heavy metal from EVO One to Evo 2 and eventually there's Gonna be Evo 3. so heavy metals are the Lowest entry to the board of Yacht Club Ecosystem and the first game entity from The board Aid Yacht Club ecosystem where Are they heading heavy metals will be Used in the cosmic battle it could be The redacted border Yacht Club game in The roadmap 2.0 as you can see right in The top right hand corner there

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