Yuga Auction Dubbed SCAMMERS DREAM! (Hottest NFTs to WATCH)

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[Music] Welcome back to entity Alpha happy Monday today we're going to go over the Top entity news over the weekend and What I'm looking at Taco this guy I'm Your host Taco it's Taco Time apparently It was a scamer's dream over the weekend During the Yuga Labs auction you know For their Bitcoin nfts yoga Labs first Bitcoin nft collection saw some backlash From the crypto community over the Weekend pointing to flaws and how it Conducted at the auction So Yesterday Today is the sixth happy Monday by the Way yoga Labs opened bids for their 12-fold collection so there's 300 Entities total looked like they're Probably gonna hold 12 for themselves so The highest 288 bids won however those Participating in the bidding process Must send their entire bid amount in Bitcoin to a unique Bitcoin controlled Address by Yuga Labs so essentially if You wanted to bid on this you would send Your your Bitcoin to Yuga labs and if You're in the top 288 congratulations You won if not shoot they're gonna have To send you your Bitcoin back what is This the Stone Age we're on bitcoin Folks you can't really do much on Bitcoin this is the way the auction ran It's Yuga Labs they're obviously going To pay you back okay it's not like They're gonna be like all this bitcoin's

Mine now Now I mean from the other side uh for The other Deeds land they paid back Everybody's failed gas transactions too So you know these crypto Bros need to Chill out okay just chill out I I don't Have any problem with this we'll be Freaking do they have to send you your Bitcoin back if you didn't win bid more Bitcoin if you want to win I'm not even Going to go into the rest of the article It's just some crypto Bros arguing back And forth with each other anyway Consensus and Fahad Karim they're Dropping a little uh multi-tiered nft Event pass with rewards and generative Art experiences it is a limited edition Collectible and is a combined package of Digital assets that include a unique Generative art by Fahad Karim sorry if I'm butchering your name an airdrop pro Pass ticket to consensus consensus for The next three years okay not too bad Not too bad Rarities will unlock on the Ground special perks and experiences at Consensus hmm randomized yearly IRL that Means in real life IRL rewards for Consensus to use gift or sell for the Next three years access to special Community channels on the consensus Telegram Additional partner and artist benefits And bonus desk airdrop the social token They're coming out with a token of

Coindesk is coming out of the token Ladies and gentlemen ladies and Gentlemen Queen desk it's coming out of The token you get a little cool visuals Of consensus looks pretty cool oh looks Like a lot of people having a lot of fun All right ooh party time yeah get those Hands up people so if you want to get One of these it is a 1.5 ethereum pretty Hefty at today's prices that's around Twenty three hundred dollars so my Lovely face and box is covering it but There's a thousand of these total only 961 remaining only only 961 out of a Thousand are remaining you better jump On this fast because they're they're Flying no they're not really flying so You have you have six days and uh if You're interested in this get a ticket If you like going to consensus it'd be Like learning about all this crypto Stuff might be fun I'll leave a link in The description below so let's see how Much you would have made if you invested A thousand dollars into Donald Trump's Nfts so the one thousand dollar Investment would have been worth nine Thousand nine hundred dollars at the Peak price of the collection so that's Almost a 10x and uh let's just go over To the Trump trading cards see what They're trading at half an eighth seems To be the floor price right now and that Is a whopping

783 dollars if you bought this for 99 And you sold it today it's a nice little Chunk of profit you made there but you Know but these are these are the Official Donald Trump trading cards so You never know what he can uh he can in Store for you Might have a really cool dinner with him Um limited edition one of ones gold and Silver autographed cards a lot a lot of Perks a lot of utility with this guy so Over the weekend I came across this Project called owls WTF very very unique Simplistic art it's just somebody was uh Having some fun on their keyboard Putting in all these uh little uh Symbols and Stuff but it looks like there's ten Thousand owls and over 90 million Possible combinations okay they've got Around 7 600 followers they're really Not followed by anybody I follow I mean That's me and I'm on the NFC Alpha Account what made me uh want to look Into these is they were they were Trading at like .03.06 and now if you go to the Open Seas you go to top they're on the top of The top of the list number one and their Floor price is 0.34 so let's just go to Activity let's see what the activity Looks like they literally launched over The weekend .005 my mistake even less than I thought

So if you minted this or if you you were The the the big brain who bought one off Of secondary early on you're up Congratulations this project literally Popped out of nowhere and now I see all These derivatives like foxes Cats crocodiles on this on this style on The style of it's just like characters On a keyboard this was the first one so Obviously first mover advantage and this Wacky new creative idea for an nft just Be uh be cautious of all the derivatives That are going to come out of this but Um if you got in early this one congrats All right and over the weekend I wanted To show you what I bought I bought this Lovely lady look at her she's blue in The face beautiful but um the main Reason why I bought it was it was she Was chilling on the floor she was Chilling on the floor for .064 ethereum And I'm like damn She's got a 0.9 trait and a 0.92 treat The golden Everlasting flowers and the Jade flower necklace usually when you See traits under one percent that means It's rare So let's click on the rares golden Everlasting and you see that there is Only one for sale Only one for sale out of almost 10 000 Collection and it's at 0.25 so I bought Mine for 0.06 the highest Rarity of uh Trait is trading at 0.25 and then

There's a zero for sale do you get what I'm getting at let's go to the other one Let's go to the jade necklace this one Has only one for sale as well for point Four none others for sale so as you can See there's only one percent listed and Since I bought it yesterday the floor Price is up how about that and I mean It's beautiful what's not Delight about What's not to like about a lovely lady With some beautiful flowers oh look at The nice butterfly it's beautiful other Than the opportunity to make money this Is actually a pretty good project twenty Percent is going to charity and five Percent is to collect children's nfts Charity like I said fine art community Innovation holder perks and freebies Our own seed economy they have a docs Team award-winning artist this is the Artist I'll leave her Link in the Description and celeb holders including Garyvee uh I'm gonna butcher her name Gwyneth and palestrow actually that was Pretty good Eva Longoria Reese Witherspoon and Brie Larson All hold Flower girls so you can see why I bought One now semi nft related with the whole Yugo Labs ecosystem they got uh like Dookie Dash used eight coin in order to Get your power up so really briefly I Just wanted to go into apecoin is having A big token unlock real quick in 11 days Almost 200 billion worth of apecoin is

Going to be uh released into the the Population into the jungle of crypto so At the moment there's 368 million out of A total supply of 1 billion so roughly 37 percent here's a breakdown of the Initial allocation 62 to ecosystem funds yoga Labs charity Got 16 launch contributors 14 8 for the Founders so if you want to go into this Thread a little bit more I'll leave it In the description that's it follow us On YouTube at nft Alpha follow us on the Twitters at nft Alpha show and follow Your boy Taco crypto underscore tacos Zero one that's all I got be blessed Taco out [Music] Thank you [Music]

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