YouTube’s New CEO Is BULLISH on the blockchain & NFTs!

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So yeah we're definitely learning as we Go along Another person learning is the YouTube Has got a new CEO and but the nice thing Is that Neil Mohan is a big nft bull he He has previously outlined potential use Cases for nfts on the leading uh video Platform YouTube which we've said for a Very very long time I mean I've got Videos dating back over a year saying How amazing blockchain technology would Be for YouTube you can even search it on My on my uh on my website it's nice to See that he agrees Um and also for music We you know I've Been saying that for a very long time Because we all know that when music went From CVS to mp3s and you know artists Lost out on their royalties similar to What we see now with the nft Um artists looting out on their Royalties but the blockchain really can Solve that you know with music Um if it's written into the contract Then every single time that song or Video is played then the Creator gets a Percentage and that's in the contract of The smart contract there's no way that Every time it's played that someone Won't get that right as long as that Small contract is written properly Um and and airtight then that that would Solve the piracy in the video and music Industry so yeah very interesting to see

We know that Susan who served as Youtube CEO for 25 years and has done incredibly Well in building a massive Media Company Um but then arguably well you know has Taken over mainstream media and and even If you don't agree has done that yeah it Will do in the next 10 to 15 years for Sure Um has now stepped aside Um and yeah we now have Neil Mohan Um coming in and it's just nice to see That he is bullish on nfts Um and that he does need the use case And understands the technology which is Really cool and nice to see All right guys well that pretty much Covers

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