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My general feeling is like this was a Wasted opportunity for them you know you Get one chance to make a first Impression Um and they really didn't handle this Drop well at all um are they really Alienated themselves Um and you know a car brand like this Has got such could offer such huge Utility and could integrate it with you Know things like you know we're going to Be giving away five Um you know custom-made Porsches or one Custom-made Porsche there's one of a Kind or whatever there's so many Different ideas that they could have Here Um and they could have tapped into their Web to Market that they have at their Main Porsche account Um and really you know maybe got in some Normies to come across and and see what It was about you know but no there's Absolutely no mention of the nft on the Official Porsche account they've Completely distanced themselves and it Just makes you question how committed Are

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