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They're like every single pretty much Every single thing you've been through That you think is so hard and unique to You bro the the exact same thing Probably happened to someone on in your Apartment building someone probably has Gone through the exact same thing and if You're an entrepreneur kind of thing too And you're like man it's so hard you're Like bro every single entrepreneur who Made it is going through has gone Through what you're going through right Now and like all they did was just push Through it so they're like everything You think is happening just to you and Everything's against you it's like Someone already went through it and like I was talking to my friend Cole he's Like bro I I know exactly what you're Talking about and I literally did it Four years ago and it's very it's Someone else did it too he's like and Someone else did it before you and like 200 years ago someone also did it but it Was different but someone also went Through that and they were like it's not Different they're like you just need to Do your thing and that's pretty much it And like that a lot of those Conversations happen just whether it's By chance or whatever it was Um and then they all just lined up like Timing worked and and all these things So

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