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We gonna do it and we're going to show You what happens you didn't take Advantage of doing it this is what you Could have achieved yes you have to give One dollar back but you're going to make Ten dollars for every dollar you give Back and I just I just think it's cool I Think there's someone who's come out and Said to them what we've all been saying Is guys come on we spent a fortune with You guys you made tens of millions of Dollars a second during the bull market Where's that here and and metamask Better be careful because we're Phantom Launching ethereum Um it made a master do the airdrop Otherwise Airdrop would be so unbelievably insane Like I don't I could not even put a Number on how much money some of these Traders that we know of would make and Even you actually yeah you're a Trader Because I would make a lot I've done I've done hundreds of like close to Three to five hundred each uh uh on Metamask but buying let alone selling I Mean over 6

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