YES or NO to ApeCoin Proposal?! #nft #cnfts #cryptoasset

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Less than 12 hours remaining it looks Like 11 million eight coin will be set Aside to buy Yuga and digital art assets Current results at the time of recording We have 57.19 or this proposal and 42.81 Against so what is this proposal and Here's some information but it was Introduced by Machi Big Brother aip304 Rick the digital art movement collection Require a Yuga asset fortnite Club you And apach club or a kettle club and Punks and other notable nfts all right So how do you get involved in this Dow Proposal how do you vote and where do You vote that's what I'm here for aip304 You scroll down to the bottom here you Will see cast your Vote or against or Abstain which makes no sense if you're Gonna get this far you might as well go For or against and if you click the vote Button then you will be asked to connect Your metamask you will have to own at Least one eight coin to vote

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