Will NFTs Ever Make a Comeback? $1M STOLEN!

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Those days are far behind us or are they Welcome back to entity Alpha unleashing The wildest entity sales epic upcoming Mint and mind-blowing nft news and big By me Taco is Apollo at nft Alpha show On X and on YouTube at nft Alpha all Right let's jump right into it with Milady MFD collection Milady exploited By developers stealing one million Dollars in bees before I even jump into The article these are the miladies don't They look beautiful proper I don't know But people seem to like them and uh Their floor price is pretty high you Want to own one of these bad boys you're Looking at around four thousand dollars Bad bad girls if you want one of these Nfts it's around 2.488 ethereum which is around four Thousand dollars all right back to the Article Charlotte Fang co-founder of the Milady maker nft collection took to X on September 11th who announced that a Developer in the Milady ecosystem has Managed to divert about 1 million Dollars in January fees from the romelia Corporation romelia is the decentralized Autonomous organization adao behind Milady maker nft Dallas Revenue Compromised by bonkler its experimental Finance art project created in April of 2023 according to an announcement by Faye the ball killer reserves aim Contract and entities are safe only

Remelia's revenue from bogglers was Compromised according to Fang the Attacker has managed to take over three X accounts including Milady maker and Vermillionaire why romelia Corp has been Locked out treat those three accounts as Compromised until further notice so if You see any X tweets from these accounts Be cautious because it could still be Compromised I would maybe go into their Discord to get the most current Information on when they are going to Get these accounts back because Compromised accounts are no fun uh we Just saw vitalik buterin got Sim swapped On X and the scammer was able to walk Away with over half a million dollars Worth of digital assets two of which Were crypto punks and one with the hood Hoodie crypto Punk those things go for Top dollar okay let's keep going bang Added that romelia easily identified the Individuals involved in the exploit and Expressed willingness to pursue them to The fullest extent of the law we expect All our property to be returned she Stated adding her such viciousness I can Give No Quarter the individuals involved Have been terminated from romelia Corporation and will now be dealt with Through the heavy hand of the law so let Me know what you guys think about this And if you want to speculate more check Out this video from DZ where he is

Speculating that the feds are actually Behind a Milady project very interesting So I'll leave this in the description if You want to check it out I would uh Highly recommend it and other Mind-blowing news or nft markets in a Death spiral or ready for a Resurgence They are going to research and we will All be rich with our digital collectible Okay as you may know mfts have taken Quite a hit since the 2021 bull market Where you can can mint a rock and it Would 50x instantly it would mint out Dash would be through the roof but hey You could just turn around and sell that Rock for a pretty penny but those days Are far behind us or are they let's find Out according to analytics platform nft Go the nft market cap value in ethereum Is down 40.59 which honestly I thought it would Be down a lot more than that and this is Over the last year at the time of the Writing with trading volume down 40.81 Which I'm also I thought it would be Higher the market cap in US dollars is Down 41 and its volume has dropped 66 Percent at the same time a market Sentiment is ranked 13 out of 100 with An overall rating of pilled there's a Fancy graph for you guys to look at Oh I'm looking at the wrong way okay Arno Bauer Senior Solutions architect at BNB chain told coin Telegraph that from

A utility perspective energy projects Are increasingly adding value and that This growth in functionality is where The future of nfts likely lies nft folk Sure do like their utility power said The nft market is showing promising Signs of innovation and creativity which Holds great potential for the growth and Evolution of the technology Market Sentiment cultural shifts towards Digital ownership and the potential for Nfts to be integrated into various Aspects of Our Lives also contribute to A positive outlook to the future of nfts While current market conditions may seem Subdued the ongoing Innovation and Potential for integration with both Digital and physical worlds suggests That nfts have now had their day and That their continued relevance and Growth are highly probable our added Nfts in the long term as for the Long-term use cases Bauer said entities Will likely evolve over time and become Increasingly link to real world assets Such as property ownership or unique Physical Goods so far A lot of people Are familiar with nfts being just art or Fashion sports have also started Trickling into the the conversation uh Now we're talking about licenses and Certifications Soul bound tokens that Are actually native to your own wallet That you cannot transfer out that's

Brand new and of course gaming digital Artist pack sold an nft project titled The merge for 91.8 million dollars on Nifty Gateway back in 2021 while Mike Winkelmann also known as people sold Every day is the first 5 000 days where Almost 70 million dollars of via Christie's Auction House the same year Our things that as more robust Technologies provides enhanced use cases And ownership Security nfts will likely Become more attractive to mainstream Markets I'm waiting for that one nft Game or Legacy game that transfers and Crosses over or merges with nft Technology I'm waiting for that game to Catch mainstream maybe it is like a Fortnight a Call of Duty maybe it's like A doctor disrespects Dead Drop I know he Has nfts associated with his snapshots Where if you have one of the passes you Get to play his snapshots snapshots are Essentially updates and upgrades to the Game until it is uh it's pretty much It's beta testing fate if you will he Speculated that nfts could link to Financial instruments representing Shares in companies or investment funds And social achievements where they could Symbolize Badges of accomplishments in Various Fields so go on this journey With me if you will we talked about Soulbound tokens about three minutes ago Let's say you get um your forklift

Certification license so you can drive One of those forklifts around just like A little piece of paper and you probably Lost it imagine if that was an nft a Soul-bound token nft that is native it Essentially lives in your wallet and you Cannot transfer it out you're probably Never going to lose that because you Can't even transfer it out of your Wallet the good way for certification or House deeds or marriage certificates so Beyond our the ability to tokenize Unique assets and provide verifiable Ownership will create numerous Applications across various domains Power set collaborations with Traditional Industries technological Advancements clear regulatory framework And educational efforts can Significantly boost mft utility and Adoption and its have the potential to Make a comeback Jason Bailey co-founder And CEO of nft tool and self-custody Solutions club nft called cointelegraphy Things nfts will make a comeback and go Mainstream because crypto and nfts Rebound cyclically just like previous Tech crashes Bitcoin having is around April May of next year usually after We'll see a surge in uh in prices Hopefully and nfts that follow I hope as Of 2023 there are roughly 14 million nft Users but that number is expected to hit Almost 20 million by the year 2027. I uh

I would think it would be higher than That but hey it's about 5 million more Users I'll take it however Bailey Believes nfts currently have some issues Most of which were Amplified by rampant Market speculation and need to be solved Before nfts can go mainstream he said Nfts and the ecosystem around them are So complex that almost everyone is still Vulnerable to many risks they may not Even know about great let's just scare Everybody for example the vast majority Of people don't realize that an nft is Almost always at risk in a sense except For fully odd chain nfts which are truly Tiny fractions yeah if you've heard of The ipfs interplanetary filing system I Think that's I think that's what it's Called it essentially is housing your Data the sense of the image that's Representing your nft if it's on chain All that data is well it's on chain no No it's not pulling or pointing to Another source to grab that information So yeah in a sense the nft and the like The hash let's show you what I mean all Right so we got this nft here let's go To it on etherscan so essentially this Is the nft it's pointing to this Contract address it is deployed by the Milady maker smart contract it is an ERC 721 token standard but I mean there's Really nothing here that represents the Actual image the image is pretty much

Being pulled from another source a cloud Storage if you will but if it's on chain On chain monkeys or on chain if you look Right here the first 10 000 on-chain Collection officially on both Bitcoin And ethereum biogenesis equals owning a Bitcoin ordinal so they also are on the Bitcoin Network because they're all on Chain they're not using the ipfs system Of good thing we have like a computer in Front of us the interplanetary file System is a protocol hyper media and File sharing peer-to-peer Network for Storing and sharing data in a Distributed file system that's what I Was trying to say guys that's what I Meant you knew what I meant the whole Time I didn't even have to look it up You guys knew at the time of writing Board Apache Club has fallen 67 crypto Punks by 33 and new names by 59 and Azuki's by 50 which is honestly not that Bad let's just go to bitcoin all right So around Bitcoin it's down around 62 It's not I mean you and apes didn't fall 62 percent they only they only fell 59 What I'm trying to get at here is in Crypto everything goes down in a bear Market including nft but not as bad as You may think the top collections have Held their value better than the random Mid-tier low-tier project it that's just How it is the same way with the top Crypto projects they hold their value

Better than all coins it is what it is Real quick DraftKings is the number one Ranking by sales volume nft over the Last 24 hours followed by D market and Then Milady maker which we just talked About in this video and then nouns you Got up there up 72 almost 73 that's Insane yeah this is the first time I've Been on cryptoslam and I have not seen a Board ape on the top list you got an Auto glyphs sold for 158 almost 159 000 And followed by a plethora of crypto Punks ranging from as high as a hundred And eleven thousand dollars all the way Down to around 72 000 and then some big Noun purchases I know there's something Going on with their Dow let me know if You want me to cover that and more nouns More nouns someone went out of nouns Buying spree it looks like all right and Then last but not least I was on cnft Calendar looking at uh what's minting on The cardano blockchain looks like season Four of the pavias meta Exotics and I Was like okay season four are they Already out and it looks like they are Already out they are uh at 157 nfts so Far the floor is 14. very very low and It looks like they're uh they're Charging 200 I mean I would just buy one Off the secondary what's so special About the season four if you could tell I haven't done a deep dive I went on the Cnft calendar and I look at what's

Interesting to me just right off the top Of my head okay this looks cool I don't Know what this is looks like it's a play To earn game that's a that's how it all Starts guys you get an idea okay it's a Game what kind of game I like games I Like to play games I like to earn when I Play games let's look into it and that's The part where then you look into it but Um that's all I got today guys thanks For joining me be blessed talk about

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