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The other deed drop signaled the Absolute top and then everything went to and now we've got Jimmy The Monkey Trial coming up in about a week and a Half So you know there's gonna be more Assets In the yoga ecosystem I don't know if That's a good thing I personally think It's not there's going to be a lot more Assets in the ecosystem there are going To be people who are going to make some Money off that Um and then we should see a bit of a Trickle down into other nfts from that And then is that going to Signal the Local top again and are we going to have Another yoga drop Um taking us you know back back to the Bear Market two weeks after it drops the Difference this time is obviously that This is a free mint for different Holders and we're going to look at it During the show so hopefully that Doesn't happen Um but that does correlate with a two to Three week mini bull that you are Referring to so who knows

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