Why NFT Haters Are Stupid!

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You're fighting your own crypto bags if You own Bitcoin ethereum Solana cardano Arbitrim polygon any crypto really and You hate on nfts then your hypocrite and An idiot let me explain I'm going to use The term nft here but this also includes Other fungible tokens like ish coins Social fire things like friend Tech and Everything in between just not the core Coins themselves in its simplest term You want people buying selling trading Flipping nfts on the chain that you're Bullish on it's what gives the chain Value it's the network effect of Cryptocurrencies nfts are predominantly Bought using crypto on the chain that You're most bullish on people are Onboarding Fiat or swapping from another Crypto to buy the coin that you hold to Then spend on the chain that you hold And use in the ecosystem that you want So badly for the price to go up on I Think you can kind of see where I'm Going here the fact is everyone that is Buying selling trading flipping nfts is Doing it and actually using the chain That you want that you're promoting that You're so bullish on so the fact that The chains were built in a way to Support smart contracts nfts things like That then you go around and want to hate On them is disregarding the use cases That you're so bullish on the chain in The first place and it just blows my

Mind now look the Mania of nfts in 2021 And 2022 is a perfect onboarding case Study crypto Punk and ape sales on Ethereum show the large scale of capital That was deployed on ethereum on Solana Degenerate ape Academy really pushed off Solana as a chain to compete with Ethereum for smart contracts and nfts Then after that millions of dollars Flowed into Solana with people buying Selling trading nfts now this article is The kind of thing that is echoed in Crypto day in day out to laugh at and Point fun of nfts and I think Giancarlo Breaks down the irony in his video right Here so this week rolling stone Delivered yet another article stating That nfts are dead now the first thing I'd say is rolling stone this you isn't This an nft That You released last year With board ape Yacht Club who you now Seem to refer to as ugly cartoon Apes Now look it's a great video and I Suggest checking it up the links up here After you watch this video of course the Word worthless is pretty much paired With nfts and their demise is cheated Upon by everyone especially crypto Fanatics if you go to a forum like Reddit there are comments like these [Music] Thing for people that abolish on Cryptocurrencies as a whole these people Are pure speculators wanting to push out

An active engaged segment of the market That actually use the chain and the real Kikihi is a lot of these people have nft Pfps the Reddit ones And I put my money on the fact that most Of these crypto Bros have never actually Used the chain and engaged on the Chain They've bought on something like Coinbase transferred it to a trezor or a Ledger and that's about it basically a Bunch of nerds The Peculiar wording Around the word worthless is a funny one As well yes while they are worth less Than they were before same thing with Cryptocurrencies the nfts that do have Tradable volume are being traded in the Damn cryptocurrency that you're trying So badly to pump up if you personally Think that this that was sold for around 37 000 is worth zero dollars then you're Saying your coin ethereum is worth zero Dollars because the currency of these Nfts is the cryptocurrency and before All the but money laundering it's a Public Ledger if you don't understand That then why are you even buying into Crypto in the first place you're a Goddamn Boza now look I do understand The term nft needs to do go through a Rebrand if you say the term or even Utter it is essentially got a death Sentence good job me for having the name Nft name big platforms use the term Digital collectible and digital

Ownership to kind of get people used to The concept and to actually sell nfts Without actually having to save their Nfts to put the public off now look These Scandal and eventual shutdown of The Creator league is a good example of This as soon as the word nft was Involved creators went and backed out And this wasn't a small thing either Mr Beast spoke about this in his video Which has over 100 million views so There is an audience and it looked like It was going to pop off and to be honest If the word nft wasn't used and the Narrative was spun a little bit Different this would have been an Amazing thing for the influencers and The fans alike yet the loudest those Screaming from the rooftops thinking They're smart thinking they're cool are Just ruining it for themselves and Others if they're involved in any sort Of cryptocurrency if you well and truly Hate nfts but love crypto then it's a Contradiction you should tolerate nfts As a technology utilizing the coin that You're so bullish on and let degenerates Buy up coins at a higher price to buy So-called worthless nfts now look I've Said the word nft a bunch if you've Watched this far and you are enjoying This uh video what I'm actually going to Do is I'm going to give away 0.01 eighth Yes it's the bear Market I'm not

Dropping fat stacks but I'm going to Give away 0.01 eth drop a comment below Telling me how much you love or actually Yet drop a comment below telling me how Much you love nfts is uh as much as Least as you want also drop your Twitter Handle or X handle at the end so Actually no I'm going to go through do a Comment picker around 48 hours after This video goes live I'll then respond To that and then reach out to you and DM You on X so make sure you follow me on X And then I'll give that away I think I'm Going to try to start giving away a Bunch of eth in every single video just A little amount just for a little bit of Fun but because if you're here in the Bed why not actually have a little bit Of fun with it and I think that's just a Fun little thing to kind of go back and Forth to build a better relationship Between you the viewer and me the video Creator so as you can see I'm a little Bit pumped up and I've got some very uh Fresh and real thoughts when it comes to Nfts and cryptocurrency and I I've got To have someone in the comments gone Goods because your bags are out bro if You're in crypto and you've actually Been trading for a little bit your bags Are going to be down like that's just What it is but what just irritates me is There is this just You've got this vocal community of

People that absolutely love crypto that Call people that don't like crypto that Aren't in crypto absolute idiots just Just Bose those people that don't know What they're doing yet the people that Are actively using the chain that are Building on the chain that are building Daps that are doing all this kind of Stuff are actually the ones giving value To the change so you've got a vocal Community of people that are shouting From the rooftop saying nfts of scams These are bad whatever and I'm not Saying that nfts aren't scams there's a Whole bunch of nfts that are scams and Bad but you have this vocal community of People going they're bad they're bad They're bad but ethereum's really good You should do ethereum not realizing That all of those millions of dollars All these actively trading things is the Reason that a theory is so tight is Strong because you actually have people That are willing to build on it people That are building dapps that are Building this next level of Infrastructure are there because there Are people there this is why the chains That are in these sort of the 500 to a Thousand two thousand whatever it is Because there isn't anyone there using It testing it playing with it people Don't want to build but the fact is on Something like ethereum something like

Solana something like Bitcoin people Will actively build apps dapps whatever You want to call them for that chain Because there are people that are there Already with liquidity actively buying Trading selling if you're just sitting On the sidelines oh I scoop up coins I DCA and I just put them in my treasure I Don't touch them okay cool you're not Actually doing anything for the chain You're not building up the um prevalence Of it and you're not building up the Network effective you're just scooping Up coins hoarding now I'm not saying That's bad I think it's a very good Strategy but I think if you turn around And absolutely ish on people that are Actively using the chain that you're Buying up and investing into that's just A contradiction and you're just a Straight idiot so look I've had uh I've Had a bit of fun just yelling at the Camera for a little bit hopefully you Enjoyed this video hopefully you aren't Down too bad on your nfts hopefully You're having a great time in crypto in The bear Market make sure you jump over Onto X and follow me there because I Like to drop little bits of video Content YouTube's very hard for video Content when it comes to thumbnail Titles descriptions all of that kind of Stuff it's very easy to drop a thought Straight up on X also don't be afraid to

Kind of just send me a damn say hey Nate I'm from YouTube are you going I'll Follow you back we can DM back and forth I think it's great I think it's cool so Hopefully you guys are having a great Great day hopefully you guys are doing Some good plays good moves all of that I Had a pleasure making this video Hopefully you had a good time watching It and I look forward to seeing you in The next one Foreign [Music] Foreign

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