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Even great projects with great Founders Are great teams and reputable things are Failing and I don't want to be the guy Looking at a project thinking look this Is a great freaking project and I do Think that and then and it would be in a Normal Market to put 20x and then some Guy mince it because he heard from me And it ends up failing because very few You know I had seven white lists today Not one of them sold more than 100 nfts Out of whatever somewhere over a Thousands not one I just deleted them Left the Discord left the Discord left The Discord left the Discord left to Disco the best one out of order them was Bugatti who who has ten thousand empties And they mentored 600 and the full Prices and there's no secondary Everybody It's Bugatti the luggage Bugatti But I'm just saying so so I believed in Some of that I don't believe in seven of Them but I believed in uh you know one Or two of them I said I don't feel right Bringing their content when when the Chances are even if every

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