Who is Voltura From Psychedelics Anonymous

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Keep trying Keep trying Talking about the show talking about People coming on your show let's let's Talk about this now and we need to talk About this let's give the viewers a bit Of background and then we need to talk About this vultura from psychedelics Anonymous came on your show and I said To you I do not trust anyone who won't Show his face I don't know if I said That to you privately or publicly or not So I think it might have been privately And I said to you and I've said this Publicly that I have turned down Interviews with with people because they Will not show their face I will not have Someone who's not dogs on my show now I'm not criticizing you in any way and Also when you had it was a bit of a Different time to now however we now had Him quite openly saying that he would um Think about consider Um giving over the project to the Dao However not the fans so he'll handle you Know that things aren't great there's no More royalties there's the secondary Sales have dried up and he'll keep the Money but it could be someone else this Problem and he faced a huge amount of Fun and backlash again not thinking much Before he's talking and then retracted That but I want to get your thoughts on Everything because now you start to

Think look no one knows who this guy is He doesn't have long-term aspirations we Saw the floor price go down 20 25 Um he's never shown his face and if you Want to be here long term in this space It's no longer in 2021 you have to be Darkstone Show Yourself properly so I Want to get your opinion on all of that So he's semi-doxed I know what he looks Like I uh he's not like send me talks to You that is no one else knows his name Or what he looks like A lot of people know what he looks like Because he shows face at the events Okay but does anyone know Um Yes actually I I actually do know his Real name Lewis Gale I'm typing an Instagram By the way like Lewis Gale is his name And is publicly his name Like We call we Talk about Lewis like using his first Name a lot that's why I just forgot About for a second but scale L-e-w-i-s-g-a-l-e I think Um but that's public information Um and that's just because people have Tried to research it of course you know People trying to figure them out Um he's just in the same way that who's The [ __ ] uh there's the board eight Founders when they were still undocs and They got you know uh forcibly whatever Um I know who you're talking about was It

Forcibly and they the CEO came out was Like look the main reason we didn't do This is because there's a lot of money In the line and a lot of people who are Invested in this thing it was literally Partially for their safety and privacy Of their families which I can I can sort Of understand that it's also I also Don't fully agree with that but it's one Of those things that I can't make that Decision for them so my opinion is Pretty much [ __ ] irrelevant uh for That but it's more of an investor still If you're comfortable investing then go Ahead if you're not then don't but As far as him coming out and saying I'm Open to the idea of handing the project Over the community that was also it's Not taken out of context but he should Have added in there he said by the way Before he put the Tweet button and he Clicked that tweet button he should have Said also by the way the only reason I'm Saying this is because everyone in Discord is talking about it right now And this is what they literally are Wanting me to ask so I put it on Twitter With not enough context and of course Everyone who's not in Discord goes why Would you bring why would you say this Like well in this time period right now When Doodles doing this and there's a Horrible timing very and it's because The same exact reason with Jordan just

Not tapped in he's not on Twitter he's Not doing the due diligence and he's not Active enough to put out a statement Like that that's that big and not and Like you know have it just be fine like If he's out there tweeting and he's Saying things like Frank could say that Again I keep using Frank because he's so Active if Frank put something like that People freak out for a second then they Go hold on obviously it can't be what he Means like it there needs to be more Context but when volt says that people Don't remember him all they remember is Just GM tweets throughout the bull run And then he's gone a little bit more Quiet in the last few months and I think With voltar he's such a big he's such a Big entity in the space that he could Literally become Frank in a matter of Two months if he starts going actively You start showing face again in my Opinion he could I think he's big enough And people look at that board API club Nft and they associate massive numbers Massive hype I still think he holds that If he still if he decides to go into Twitter so my opinion on it is that it Was a little bit just untasteful same Exact thing with Jordan but I don't Think it was there to be like I don't Want to be here anymore because as soon As she put out the tweet and people were Like no he said okay fine I'll just keep

Running the process just like we were But you guys sounded like you didn't Want this direction you guys we tried These couple things it didn't work we Even did everything on the road map we Gave the mental health thing y'all Didn't use it like I don't know what to Tell y'all like that's what you guys Wanted and we got it we delivered it for You didn't want it and people started Freaking out that maybe we want to Change the leadership it was just not The right way to do it it's not the Right way to do it do it a space do it Do a Twitter space hold it for four Hours and [ __ ] just discuss it Publicly like let people do it stop Putting on [ __ ] big tweets when You're not active you know that's my Only thing Yeah Very very interesting I mean Um yeah I I still I mean geez I I met a Lot of money off this collection and a Lot so I'm meant to I sold one Immediately for like but it was a bull Market I can't remember exactly but from Like a lot more than a than our Mentor That I held one all the way pretty much To the top I got all the drops of all The components I I morphed some of them I've even got some merch the merch is Absolutely crap I got merch from them it Is so bad

Um do you want to see something I mean Just Yeah no it's just bad quality it's [ __ ] Really [ __ ] merged oh and you know Quality merch so bro first of all if Anyone knows to buy uh extra uh let's Make him big hold on an extra one of These a second one arrived in the post Of my yeah yeah I don't know bro but I got a second one So there's a I'm not unboxing it because Here is the other one Dude I want one of those what do you buy Them You can't you have to be a holder but I'm saying they they like mine was like So late I sent them an email and I said Look where is it this is not it must be Lost and then today I've got another one Yeah so if anyone wants one uh hit me up Especially if you're in South Africa It's going to be cheap to shop it Well me me yeah I just said Kayla's Gonna it's gonna cost more to send it to You bro then the thing is probably worth What do you think it's worth I don't know I think I paid like Probably three years for it when it was Like freaking three thousand dollars I Don't know I did like and you have to be Honest Yeah I'm not willing to pay that not for That [ __ ] figure but it's just really

Cool so this is a [ __ ] [ __ ] head I really should have now remember my day Job is I sell merchandise bro like That's not my day job my main job I mean That's about 20 years I've been doing Promotional products Um and this is the cheapest six panel Cap you get Um you can see from everything from the Thickness and everything it's really an Entry level Um you know I mean embroidery is not not Terrible but it's really nothing special But the cap itself is is really a crap Cap not a nice cap can we compare it to Any other merch do we compare it to any Other merch because empty companies are That close company you know Not right that that is a snapback hat You can see you can see the The one is structured you can see the Shape the other one's just like falling Like it's a completely different ball Game I mean this versus that is just Like you can order that board API Club Exact same hat on Amazon for 15 I know For a fact because I've bought hats on Amazon that are custom and they cost 15 And they're very high quality you can do That and that's what I'm saying like if We need to compare some other projects The thing is psychologics is not a Closed company it's just one of the Things they offered which is why it's

Kind of like hard for me like the Quality of clothes is bad you know with Nike and clone X maybe you can make that Argument because they're Nike and they Literally sell clothes but for like Psychedel economists this is merch bro This is like YouTuber merch I put down The same level of YouTuber merch I don't Expect it to be fantastic you know I don't know I expected more from it Because the flow price was quite High Um I mean look at a Gilton clothing I Know they're they're pretty it's Promotional stuff it's a basic cotton T-shirt Um yeah I mean I wasn't I wasn't that Interested Um but yeah I mean really wait a year And you get the cheapest cap that you Could possibly imagine and the cheapest T-shirts it's not nice just rather don't Do much then just try to do it in order To tick a box that you've done it and Send to that Winners crap Uh no I definitely I hear you there but It's at the same time people wearing it Okay But your merch is quality so that when Someone gets it they want to wear it so That you can why are you giving merch Out or selling merch you want people to Love it to wear it so that they are Walking adverts for your brand that's The point if you're gonna send out a

Real cap and I don't think it's because I know this game like clothing and stuff Like that that I feel it's crap I mean As you touch it anyone would be like no Thank you like this looks like it's like The cheapest gap you can get I mean you Don't you don't have to be in the space For it to be there so I'm saying rather Don't do merch at all then do it and Then like send out the entry level stuff That's my feeling on it I'll drop it not Do it I'd rather do something properly Didn't do merge like damn like what are Y'all done then Foreign It's the lowest level Thank you Oh Jesus yeah no I mean I feel you Dude I mean yeah I'm sure it could have been Better I haven't felt it close I have no Idea like I don't know if it's you being Such a professional Christ no not at all I got a pair of socks and and I don't Sell personally we don't sell socks got A pair of socks I thought oh that's nice I try to wear them they were so scratchy And uncomfortable so that's just a Consumer side of things I couldn't even Wear it yeah Um I don't even have them here because I Like I I was very they were like going Into my kids they'd be like tight and I'm I'm not you know a massive guy I Mean I'm your average what size nine

Shoe so why can't it sucks blacks why do They scratch me and feel like I might my [ __ ] losing circulation I don't know We'll go out on a complete Edge However yeah the news is is there's There's a bullish not bullish there's Like something that's alleged that I Heard on the Nifty show today did you Listen to the T-shirt today No I did not I was uh busy doing Wi-Fi Stuff and games no it's okay I don't Listen that much anymore Nick bugs me he Keeps talking and talking Um about random stuff like Merchant Ships it's like I just went over the Attention he goes over there just right But he said that he has it from a Verified source that vultura slept with One of the holders girlfriends and then When the colds are found out and Approached him he paid him off and Signed a gag order like were you not Allowed to talk Gave him offered him money which the guy Accepted and then signed a Confidentiality or something like that And they said it was from a verified Source so I've given my sauce it was Allegedly Um but then the funny the funniest thing The funniest thing was then kicks you Know kicks on the show kick said well That sounds like amazing utility foreign God bro I mean listen that's 100 of 50

50 coin flip if that's true or not so I'm not even gonna say anything on that Because we literally have no idea if That's true I don't know what a verified Source that even means uh other than Like probably a [ __ ] screenshot from A random Twitter account but damn bro uh Yeah I'm not gonna say anything because I have no idea if that's verified Um but wow what a story yeah we've got Nft sh who wants to see more match all Right I've got it out so I don't need to Go anywhere I'll tell you something that I did get that I was really bullish with I don't have a chair because it's in my Cupboard like you must know if it's in My cupboard I really like it because I'm Gonna wear it it was the

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