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So first up on the list no prizes for Guessing the winner here it is a board Ape Yacht Club oh that's a solid pick Yeah I've gone for the big boy straight Out of the gate look I'm gonna go the Granddaddy of them all punks oh that's a Good one so I think for me it's a great First pick look next up at mutants can't Go wrong with mutants yeah that's a good One look I'm gonna go one of the Strongest communities out there azuki Not good choice good choice I rate it Now look this one can be a little bit Controversial because you've been a Little bit quiet training building up But Doodles look to kind of Follow That Doodles Vibe I'm going for purges yep Get it they've been out on the field for A while they're veterans look off the Back of Doodles I'm gonna go something Real similar cool cats look I'm gonna go Real old school here I'm gonna go cyber Kongs he's been around for a while cyber Conks all day look yeah 100 going off The back of your pick I'm gonna go Gojira Genesis collection keeping that Pixel alive following up Gojira what I'm Gonna do hide you throw that right back At you

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