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And you guys get to witness Kate and I Vibing and getting to know each other And it makes me think you know Bianca And I so we we got going on first of all Myspace which was the Facebook before Facebook Okay okay So so that's where we go so it turns out Bianca actually dated a friend of mine And I didn't remember her at all but she She reached out to me so I was having a Very public fight with a girl on MySpace Okay all right so I don't remember this Guy this girl's sort of like really it Was sort of a girlfriend-ish and and Treated me wrong and I've wrote this and It was over with me and her and this This this girl and I wrote a whole thing Knowing she would see it how you're just Giving give and you get nothing back and How disappointed what is it I'm just not Going to give any more it's not worth Putting yourself out there all of this And that was it really trying to make my Last point to this x that that she Shared upset me and heard me so then I Get a direct message from Bianca Manawa And I can't remember exactly I mean I Don't want to be like I'm quoting but it Was signs of the effects of are you okay I saw your post it seems like you're Going through a lot are you okay all Right back starting to the effect of no I'm fine it's just like I I tend to you Know give and I often get expect and

Return and I often get disappointed and So through that her and I started Talking on MySpace which then moved to Facebook we were both like let's you Know we'd move into Facebook and we we Communicated digitally because you said You know you communicate digitally we Communicated on Facebook for nine to ten Months so never picked up the phone sent Messages and got to know each other Really really well we got all the sort Of remedial stuff out the way like how Many siblings have you got you know what School did you go to like all that stuff So then when you do finally meet you Don't need to go through the basic stuff You you do have a very good sense of who They are or whatever so I can't remember Exactly what it was but we were going Backwards and forwards for quite a while And then a few months later she did a Public post about something going on Um with some guy because we were just Friends we were just talking it was just And I wrote to her and I said you know I Saw your post are you okay and you know We've got to speak here I said I don't Know if you remember but when you Reached out to me and I copied and Placed what she had said which was great Advice you gave me this advice like Don't not give just give to the right People or something and I said the same Thing back to her and and so like we

Sort of got there and I sat down at the Stage I said look this is ridiculous we Go to we go to Siege I mean like I feel Like I've got a relationship with my Computer and she kept saying to me it's Not the right time it's not the right Time it's not the right time and I kept Saying whenever you're ready no pressure Whenever you're ready so then I came to It and like I kept every couple of weeks I would say you know do you feel ready Yet I'd love to go for a coffee it Doesn't have to be anything hectic just You know to get together No it's everywhere for close but it Turns out it turns out now I mean and And I found that question after it Didn't take 20 years I mean we've been Married our 14 years Um so I know this but she was also on And off with the guys so she was seeing A guy at the time and she didn't want to Whatever which she never expressly said To me but then you know I kept saying to You know we should go out and she said It's not a good time it's not the right Time so finally she said to me okay Let's let's do it and we made a date Together for Saturday night or whatever To go to this place whatever it was and Then I think on the Thursday or the Friday she sent me a message that Thursday or Friday I'm excited bro if She sends me a message he says look I'm

Sorry I'm sorry to do this last minute But I'm not ready let's let's shelve it For a bit and again like I want to say Like come on right I just said okay no Problem whenever you're ready I'm you Know I'm ready and I wasn't seeing Anyone at that stage I'd finished with That previous school and you know I was Really busy building perkel I was Working almost 20 hours a day seven days A week loading products on the site and Doing whatever so it sort of suited me And I had a friend I was you know we we Were talking quite a lot like Bianca's Printed all of them out but they are Long conversations there Um and then I kept asking and finally She accepted the date and didn't cancel Now that that night before my server Crashed the website crashed for Perka Now at that stage I was hosting perkal From my own personal computer so my Computer crashed I had no computer there Was no website no emails and anyone Who's got their own business knows that Like it's like your baby's sick nothing Else matters so I spent the entire night The next night I'm supposed to be on a Date with Bianca that night before the Entire night through the night trying to Fix everything and fixing it I then get A six by eight in the morning and now I've got a normal work day nice so I Work the whole day and I'm dead so now

It gets to 4 35 p.m and I say look I've Got this data to eight o'clock let me Let me have a two hour nap because I'm Finished so I go to bed right now Remember I've been waiting for this date For almost 10 months now I put my alarm on for 7 30 p.m I go to Bed at 5 p.m and I wake up at 11 p.m I Look at my phone and I've got 12 missed Calls and sms's messages uh saying where Are where are you are you okay is this The right place where the are you What the hell is wrong with you I Thought you wanted to like it would like A whole progression and voice notes and Everything so I look at my alarm I'd set It for 7 30 a.m because it's actually A.m it's usually am I didn't change the Am to p.m and so the alarm never went Off and I've been working on this for For Just a year and here are factor affected I I it she she wanted to go Herself she didn't want me to pick her Up I don't know she wanted to to meet me There and yeah she's sitting at this Restaurant by herself waiting for me I Stood her up bro it's a bro so it's now 11 30 at night and I've tried phone her She doesn't answer so I messaged her and I said you've got to believe me there's A good explanation please let me know When you're awake don't hear from me About midnight I'll go back to bed I

Wake up 7 30 by alarm goes off right in The morning Um and I took at eight o'clock after Half an hour because I think anything Before that is like too early eight O'clock after I finish she doesn't Answer So I'm making sure she doesn't answer so I think at about lunchtime that day she Finally finds me back and she says yeah So I said look you've got to hear me out She said to me Philip honestly I sat There for two hours I don't think you I Don't there's nothing to get this is What it's going to be I don't want to Hear anything I say come on it's not Fair you know me well enough to know That there's an explanation just hear me Out if you don't if you don't accept it You don't accept it but hear me out So she says me whatever tell me so I Told her well exactly what I told you Um I said please give me another chance Let's do it it'll give me and we'll set Another date give me another charge said Well I need to think about it So I said okay So a couple of days later she said okay We set a date and whatever so much so That when we got married at a wedding Her brother gave me an alarm clock as a Joke So he was he was like the best man and He's a features and then all of a sudden

Over the speakers of the alarm came off Like and he said Philip would like to Give you this alarm clock because But that was the story so then we set a Second date and which was really the First date this time she said you'll Pick me up no problem because I'm not Going and sitting there alone I picked Her up I saw her mom peeking out of the Window Um and I took it took her out to a place For supper and uh it was like I said to You Kate I don't know when I said it to You but I did say to you the feeling was Like this was someone I've known my Whole life and I wanted to catch up on Everything and we stepped there speaking For six solid hours he was telling me Her life me telling me hers I went home The next day and I said to my parents I've met the girl I'm going to marry Whoa I knew it it was just that feeling of Familiarity we've known each other for 10 months huh what do you not met her Period yeah she I've met her parents the Day after we went for lunch with her Parents the day after and I proposed to Her a year after that guys this is how You get out of the friend zone you're Getting dragged you're getting dragged You're getting dragged and then you Finally get this chance and then you Stand them up and they go oh damn he's

Got a business and then she says all Right fine and now she's like you're Gonna pick me up now now it's more Romantic that's really how it works bro It sucks but that's how it works a lot Of times that's actually probably good That you set her up by accident Because it sounds like you were just Getting Dragged In the Beginning just Like oh like because that's I've had a Few times like that where they're in and Out of relationship I hopped in on the Tail end and then it ended up as a Disaster for me Um but I didn't make them the uh well It's not a mistake I guess it's probably The biggest W could have made of Skipping out the first time you finally Got around a date Um damn that's wild dude I love That story you're a great telling Stories man you had me on the on the Ropes there for a long time I was like What's gonna happen what's gonna happen What's gonna happen yeah All I all I get is is a bunch of DMS From Bots telling me do I want to Promote my Twitter when's my wife gonna Slide in bro That's my wife Finish Line when it's the Right time I'll tell you I do remember Very very clearly that X that I publicly Made a whole noise about or whatever I'm Really really like that like my world

Heads and I thought she was for me Um and all the rest obviously in Hindsight I could see she wouldn't have Been right and I really do believe that Um but when that ended I I really Thought I would never find someone and I Really felt like I was at the stage with That previous one where I was ready to To move forward like really and truly Like my business was was early but it Was supporting me I was living on my own I had my own place I was I was at a Stage where everything was was good but I was lonely you know I was buying Myself like literally by myself and I I Just really and it's usually those Stages in life when when you feel like You actually can't do it anymore when It's about to turn and if you can Persevere just that little bit it it Turns it's usually that it's whether That be business wise or you know when You're down to your master a hundred Dollars that's when something actually Happens you know when you have twins out Of the blue and that's when business Picks up you know it's just when things Seem like how am I gonna do this it's Not possible that either that knowing Like you have to make it happen that Makes it happen or God or whatever you Want to call it that actually ends up You know happening you know yeah so if You're feeling like that in any

Circumstance whether it be you feeling Lonely and when is the girl gonna come It means it's close or you know where is The business going to turn or when is Any viewers when you're at that stage Where it just feels hopeless persevere Because that's when things start to turn From my experience I agree I agree just Staying strong stay strong keep going Damn dude that was lit that was lit guys If you if you enjoy this if you enjoy That story time too with Philip smash The like smash the retweets especially Story time story time Reading to my kids next time I'll tell You the story of we're not proposed to Her because that was very romantic we'll Keep that We'll keep that for next time yeah um I See here I mean I've got one more story There's a couple more but there's only One more that I think I'd I will talk About and then we'll finish just want to See what you think of this okay this Layout will be here okay not bad I like It yeah nice for when there's not much To look at yeah

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