When You Can Buy ANY NFT’S you want – What do you buy?

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Like that you know Yeah I mean I think you are not I think You asked me you know will I be buying Or watching Um vitalik's nft to buy in and actually It was a it was a bit of a sad question Because I'm not interested at all so Not not only in botanics but in general They're trading mentality of mine has Gone pretty much close to zero at this Point because the macro for me is so bad At the moment did I just imagine that Whatever I buy now for let's say one Year I'll be able to buy in a year's Time for point two got it and and I know What that feels like so yeah Yeah no I don't think for swing Chinese In Norway I think we on a one-way ticket Down there we'll find its floor Somewhere wherever there may be point One point one five it will find its Floor and then it will stay around there I don't think we're going to see a Personally I mean you know I think it's There's less chance of it there's There's much better swing trade Opportunities than this I I don't see This happening you know I'm just saying That like I miss I missed the I still Get excited with the drops like I Honestly this Anna marker brand one I Like it that would be the sort of thing I could get into I like it and whatever But I'm thinking okay what I'm going to

Spend one and a half years and in a Month's time it's going to be worth half An e and in six months time it's going To be worth point two that doesn't feel Nice no matter how much I like animaker Brands right I don't think it's going to Go to zero but so I'm biting my time and I'm never putting the trigger you know The last the last nft I bought was it Was the wolf boy on stream I I'm not trading these days because I Just don't think Now's the Time to do it I unfortunately still think we see Bitcoin at a 15 and under and we still See ethereum at about a thousand again In that case I'm excited because there's A lot of nfts I've been looking at but I Just I'm in the yearbook I was like man I'll just wait like I want to buy I'll Just tell you all because I'm not a big Influencer yet this doesn't even matter Like I want to get a little pudgy and Again I'm a collector I'm probably not Going to sell these nfts so I want to Buy some more wolf boys because I'm I Just love you I just love the Art and I love the community I want some More shredding sassies because I love Them I love snowboarding I love the Community I've only sold one Um I actually sold a rare that's why I Picked it up it was beautiful and I knew It was going to flip sold it for a 4X W There hold the rest

Um and I want to pick up a little pudgy For sure because I just like I'm macro Bullish on punches what three so that's The main reason with little Pudgies Um maybe V friends series two is just Like that needs to because of such a big Project and I don't For me I haven't felt the connection That I want with it because like I feel Connected with garyvee I'm so grateful For him but the project of V friends Still isn't to the point where like I Felt connected to the project brand yet And maybe that's because I haven't Consumed the content enough I'm not sure Exactly but I'll probably get a v Friends series two and then bro I don't Know why I don't know why and I don't Even want to but I want it I just want a Lazy lion bro and I want a lazy lion and A cool cats just for the OG status like I just want them and I don't know why so I gotta wait till they're cute I made so Much money on lazy lines Oh my God I must have owned like 15 20 When they launched their Diamond Pools And all of them I flipped them for 14 15x I made so much money and I like the Community as well I like the community It's interesting I see you know John Saying yeah 2023 is accumulation yeah I Actually do agree I think I think if you Focus long term like in five years then Yes buy crypto now who cares if it goes

To 15 000 Bitcoin who gets or ten Thousand in five years time but do I Think it'll be more than it is now yes I Do not Financial advice but I do I Believe that on my ethereum Bitcoin Solana or all the main coins and I Believe they're on the Blue Chips as Well so yes if that's your thing Long-term Focus you want to park some Money and you want to forget about it For five years great from a Trader's Perspective not there's not much trading Opportunities happening at the moment at All and with all that's happening on the Macro also remember with Bitcoin we got The mount gox Bitcoin getting unlocked Soon there's 14 000 Bitcoin coming on the market we've Got the Shanghai thing with ethereum Where 15 billion whatever dollars worth Of ethereum can now be unstaked there's A lot of things that is going to bring Crypto lower and and big drops in crypto Effects nft prices I'll tell you one Thing when I bought my board ape Ethereum was one thousand dollars And board APR Club floor was 68. if that Happens again I will get another Board App Oh you're gonna buy into the board Apes Again okay I love I love you girl I Believe in nfts and then when eth goes To 1 500 and the flow of four types is 90 ethereum I will sell again like I did

Last time and I will 2x my money and Then the next time Heath goes there and Uh so so I'll tell you that I'll put it On the record when you guys see ether Around a thousand and and uh and uh uh Brought up your Club around around 68 That is the price that I'm very very Interested all right well let me make up Let me make a clip then for me because I Well I'm not as sure of this because I'm Not balling like you are yet but if There's a poor if there's a time where You know finances are doing so well that This even is on the table and mutants Drop to what are they at right now 15 16 17 You know what they're at mutants are 14 Points on it if they if they drop closer To I don't know if they ever would but They're talking like four five seven Somewhere in that right like in the mid They just in the middle I don't know About that I won't spend 10 each I'll Never spend 10 youth on a jpeg Ever but I will spend even though okay Okay if you've dropped that much well I'll look at the exact numbers on it but If I'm at a point financially where That's possible I actually do really Wanna at least one time have a mutant Name and like be able to say I was in There like that back in like in 20 years Like especially if you guys here in 20 Years I want to be able to be like yo

When I was in the in the first few years I was in that project or maybe I'm still Holding it like I do want to do that and I'm really praying to God that I don't Get that attached to it because if that Thing if that thing moons I need to be Able to pull the trigger and sell it too Um however things might change I might Fall in love with Yuga ecosystem it Might become part of my branding I don't Know all I'm saying is I'm interested in Buying a mutant uh at some point in the Future uh we'll see we'll see well I Mean we'll if if crypto absolutely shits Itself and nft shits itself even harder There's a chance I really might be able To pick up a mutant really cheap and you Guys should be on the lookout because There's not really projects that are you Know safer in quotes than that kind of Purchase and it's cool dude like amazing Yeah for people who haven't bought into The ecosystem it's a cool thing to like Get into it there's nothing like that Feeling uh even buying my first music Before Board app couldn't get there and I worked my way up that feeling of Getting into that ecosystem and not just Getting in with the other side or sewer Pass that's actually a mutant or bought Out it's just an amazing feeling I'll Tell you what's on my watch list at the Right time and what I do want to buy Into

Um and I you know if I say Pudgies Obviously you can substitute that with Little budgies whatever these are the Ecosystems I'm interested in not Financial advice uh and and in no Particular order whatsoever so I also Want to get into Pages Um I do think that Luke is doing amazing Things and you know their tour Partnership we spoke about last week but Just I could rattle over lots of good Stuff they're doing Um beans because as much as Vagabond uh Rugs to previous projects and uh Whatever whatever they have proven that They are doing Innovative things that They are here for the long run and um I Would like to either get a beans or Nazuki I think I'm still I'm not happy With the zagabond so I would probably do A beans Um and listen six months ago I wouldn't Have touched either so we're getting Somewhere Um you know 10K TF I'm looking at the G Tags because I think that that's going To have some value obviously 10K tf's Andrew Yuga now I'm in the G tags they Have said is going to be the next ticket Into their thing Um I'm also looking at these Zen chests From from xenica I'm looking for the Right time to get into that and I'll Just have a look here what else I've got

Obviously mutant board ape a dog any of Those I'm looking at clone X I'm still Bullish on even though I'm the only Person left doodles I would like to get Into Doodles I would Um for a long-term hold the V friends I Would really like to get into either the Main or the sub or long-term hold Um obviously I'd like to have another Deed as well to just have one in case it Does become a successful game Um unfortunately Moon Birds is no longer On my list at all Um I don't know I have captains or the Potatoes something I'd be interested in Looking at as well Um they you know seem to be doing a lot Of the right things my pet hooligan very Interested in getting in second seals Very interested in getting in Um Adidas Puma those sort of ones just To have one of each in case they blow up Um yeah I know maybe a gutter a a cheap Gutter clone at 0.0 because katikats There was something magical there and Just in the last two three months They've gone to Absolute hell Umaging This one I think you think you have something

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