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Opportunity or innovation Innovation Will come in the same way that if life Can happen it will if life can survive It will try I think it's the same with Innovation and human beings if Bitcoin Can be built upon I think it will be I Just don't know how legit it will be Like I hope it doesn't I hope it doesn't Compromise like the you know the Integrity of Bitcoin kind of thing no I Can't that that's already put in there I Mean the the the the the really the Really amazing thing here is that in Theory Um if one could choose to have an asset Forget nft because you know if you say a Crypto punk what comes into it well the Originals are ethereum ones so let's Just say any asset on a layer two on Ethereum versus literally on a piece of Bitcoin as a currency there's more value To have it in the blockchain as a part Of the currency instead of as a layer Two Um and there's very few projects very Few there are some there's very few Projects with the nft ethereum projects

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