What is the difference between AR and VR?

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If you're doing it with a pen and paper In the dark as long as you sort of can Read it the next morning it could be Pretty cool Yeah I just I mean like this video I do Is mainly I was saying when people pay For virtual experience to be better uh Or digital upsells become more normal That turns into challenges That turns into content through tick Tockers probably and then they maybe win Money or they run giveaways that normal People copy them just like they copy Their Tick Tock Trends and dances Because their chance of going viral when Everyone's doing it the next step will Turn into the immersion experiences next Thing you know we're in this new World and everyone and their grandmother Is launching in AR glasses and every Single one of them by the way at some Point will be pretty solid even the Third party ones that cost 50 bucks will Be pretty solid at a certain point where It'll be the same thing where it's like I can't make contacts out of an iPhone Well that's not an argument in 2023 I Think that'll be the same exact story it Would just be for something else it'll Be some kind of glasses some kind of Thing that you need to be able to make This stuff but even now we've seen that With VR man I mean we we are selling the Carport VR things they have a really

Basic but we're selling them for nothing A dollar or signing and you do you put Them on and you download it on your Phone that's a VR app you you actually Slide your phone into the cardboard Thing and there you well I mean so AR is Different I was you you are seeing what You did a VR I can put you in space Right now that's what VR is right so Right now click a button you're in space You think you're in space you're walking Around a space or you're in a shooter Game or whatever AR is when you are in The George Kingdom that things are Happening in the Joyce Kingdom right so You are where you are but you can Manipulate what's happening around you In that space and and AR is the future Of of what we were saying with Google in My opinion because you will be actually Sort of browsing but you'll be able to See things that aren't there so you'll Be able to physically sort of pick up a Virtual shoe and look at it and turn it Around and whatever it may be it's Exciting man I think we further away I am also I think we're further away Than we think and that's why I think It's important for guys like you and I To sort of pace yourself don't burn Yourself out you know we do the show Weekly two-hour show you and I and we do It every week in the beginning in the Bear market moorlands and I are doing it

Five nights a week but there was there Was sorry the bull market but there was The bull market and there was a lot to Cover I mean yeah to be able to quantify Doing fire streams a week bro because That's a lot of streams how much right Like you must have been making to be Able to give up that time we had we were Doing maybe two paid promotions per Stream so for example we would cover Five upcoming projects of which two of Those would have paid us to be covered In that but they were there were like Stages where there were 200 projects Being launched every single day and Selling out I don't know if you remember That yeah but I mean it was it was Insane we couldn't keep up we couldn't Keep up and then we wanted to do a um Post-drop analysis of some of them and And then we so we had to go back and do That and then we also wanted to do Evergreen content like what is made a Boss how to actually Mentor nft how to Set your gas so so there were stuff to Do there was no shortage of stuff to do You know one of my uh all-time best Performing videos is a tick tock about How to set up a metamask wallet or Something like that it's just a quick Little step-by-step thing like a Voiceover video video still gets views To this day every single day I'll log Into my Tick Tock and I'm like three

More likes four more likes two comments Like it's so funny bro like that kind of Evergreen content really can't work There dude there's a video on my Tick Tock right now that still goes uh every Couple weeks it'll start picking up Again it's a it's a honest review of a 35 33 dollar laundry hamper that I found On Amazon that looks really fancy and I Reviewed it because I was like wow you Can get a fancy laundry hamper for 33 That's pretty cool let me review it and I reviewed it and like I remember not Thinking anything of it it didn't do Particularly well it got like 100 views 150 views like six likes whatever and Then you know six months later I look at It four thousand views and I was like Whoa when did that happen and then you Know there's that girl that does it There's that girl that does it I don't Know if you've seen it but she does a Property like hundreds of them she buys Cool projects I I think from Amazon and Test them that's all that's the whole Thing in and of itself but yeah I mean Knight was the one nft night was the one Who said to me look you want to have a Little bit of Evergreen content in there Right I'm just you know because No One's Gonna care about project ABC two years From now you know no one's going to view It whereas if you have stuff like you Know what is different utility or you

Know metabolous how to use it how to set Gas things like that that stuff will Always get you views Um yeah and so so you do it it's not you Know it's not a huge map but they're Constantly getting more and more you Know Yeah yeah I agree I agree All right then what else we had this Week was we had

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