What is ChatGPT AI? how do I use it? What can it be used for? We dive deep!

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You know this is really bullish Um for the space chat GDP Was started by Elon Musk I don't know if You know this Did you know that wait what Yeah where are you being serious open AI Yeah it was started by lawn musk oh we Know you're right I saw an interview Five years ago with the main guy tried Gbt you're right yeah and a few other Really really high pedigree Tech Guys Bro so this this was started all the way Back then actually have a thing on my Twitter here Um I'll show you over here you see I can See who's in the room but I can't in any Way contribute but I'll show you here This was something else I created today But I just want to show you here here we Go by Sam Altman this was their first Day starting Open AI That's all I love seeing Pictures like this right seven years ago So they've been building this out for For seven years right which is really Incredible and another really important Thing to understand is that both Facebook and Microsoft have tried their Own AI which has failed absolutely Miserably so I know the story with one Of the two of them I don't know which One of the two was that if someone asked Us who really won the election and it Said Trump and the next day it was taken

Offline right And the other one started getting very Political and whatever because they were Allowing too much input from what people Inputted into it right yeah so If you go onto chat dot openai.com you Get this chat bot over here now the Obvious thing you can do is like a Search engine you can ask your questions Like Um list the top 10 Clothing brands Now it is important to realize that they Since 2021 they haven't updated Um the library of data that this Algorithm has so this might be slightly Updated but straight away here it tells Us Nike Adidas Louis Vuitton Gucci Prada Zara Uniqlo h m Supreme and off right Okay so it knows that but then you can Say to it okay let's keep with clothing Brands write me a 10 line essay on the Value of wearing brand name clothing And it does it does get busy and it does Sometimes not work Um but here it's saying wearing brand Name clothing can have a variety of Benefits one of the main values is that It can serve as a status symbol Indicating to others that the wearer is Successful and as the means to afford Luxury items brand name clothing is Often made with higher quality materials And better craftsmanship which can lead

To longer lasting and better looking Garments these garments these clothing Brands also have a reputation to uphold So they have a reputation to maintain Quality and style it just need it can be Seen as a form and so on and so forth so It actually it's it's writing something As if it's a human being yeah and it's Really it's really very accurate so I Mean you can imagine if you were in School and I've already seen certain Schools not in South Africa but globally Send out messages to parents saying tell Your children that if they use a gbt and Get found out they'll be expelled Immediately yep and there are other AI Programs like quill which can make it That you can't track that is from chat GDP because at the moment there is a Site that you can use to see if it's From chat GDP or not so so you've got This thing I mean if you if you're lying There with your kids and they say tell Me a bedtime story and you can't think Of anything tell me a bedtime Story for my six year old also it's cool Because like if you do that so I don't Know if you saw a Chance YouTube video But all you have to do after you get This answer is there's another Application that's also AI that Basically you can alter the text a Little bit to make it sound a little More legit and now he was like that's

All he did he just did chat gbt copy Paste it into the other one copy and Paste that into the script So that's exactly it that's cool which Makes it more less check p and more like Normal right but I mean yeah tell me a Bedtime story for my six-year-old about Monkeys Once Upon a Time deep in the Jungle that lived a group of monkeys They lived in a beautiful tree with Branches that reached up to the sky each Day they would swing from bronze to Branch playing and having fun but at Night when the sun went down they would All gather around their leader a wise Old monkey and listened to his bedtime Stories one night the leader told the Story of A Brave Little Monkey named Max And it carries on bro and a Draw Something compete so you can imagine That this you know people who need Content I mean you can on your website You could say write me a nice Introduction to web3 or whatever it Might be so that's the one application Of it the other application of us is That it can actually assist you with Copywriting so you can I'm going to get It to stop generating here you you can It'll just carry on you can you can Um get it to to um copyright something So you can put in an already written Article or whatever it may be and it Will copyright it for you very very well

They're actually using it to some degree In the legal profession that it's that It's finding errors better than the Interns in the legal profession which is Incredible to think And it can also do coding bro so you can Say write me code in JavaScript yeah Write me code Write me code in Java script and that's Scary there's a lot of jobs like I Haven't there's a there's a few Different professions that I've been Nervous to get into because I'm like Dude they're just gonna write software For this like why would I bother Learning some of this stuff like it Might be good to have a background Knowledge on it in crypto dream I see Your hand bro we're gonna go to you in a Second we'd love to hear your opinion on This stuff Okay so I'm going to finish up with the Open Ai and then I really want to speak To crypto dream and then what we're Going to do is we're going to move on to My journey so I just want to finish up With open AI so that's another thing it Can do for you is help you with that so I mean if you want to imagine it like This if if you if you look at Google and Say hold on I can already sort of do This on Google this Market did just Leave it on outside you look at Google If it's a library Google is like hi I'd

Like a the section on adventure writing Write or novels or fiction or fact and It will take you to a section where There's lots of books that you can Choose this can summarize any book there That you want you can ask it to you can Tell it about you and it will suggest The best drama for you you could ask it To write the story for you it can do Song lyrics I mean there are so many Jobs that are going to become redundant There are also so many jobs new jobs That are going to be created but I mean It's just it's it's literally gonna to Change the way that everything works and What they've done now and I don't know If this is a play to try and negotiate With Microsoft or not but um on the 11th Of January so two days ago they began Part a chat GDP began piloting chat gbt Professional which is a paid version of The chatbot and there you'll be able to Pay and that will ensure that it's that It's up for you that it's not down it Would also be quicker and so on and so Forth and there's already a wait list For that the other nice thing about it Is that you can actually put this Um in so if you go to open AI you can Put the code and integrate it into your Own website Um or into your own Discord you can Integrate this and have a box in there Where people can experiment with it and

You can use it as a customer service rep On your website you can add voice to it You can add video to it it is absolutely The future and with that said okay after You've commented said let's chat to Crypto dream Yeah dude I think there's gonna be some Jobs that come out where it's like can People can people get paid to literally Be professionals at actually operating It and I do think they can give Google a Run for their money I know a lot of People right now who are using uh that Over Google already and I think that the One thing that I want to pose right Before I throw a crypto dream is just Like yo how did how the [ __ ] did AI skip The line and get Maine Mass adoption Virality and support within a week when Nfts can't do any of the sort and the Reason is because we don't make life Convenient bro everything about nfts is Inconvenient right now so that's the Main reason like boil everything else Down all the nonsense and the noise the Reason nfts aren't taking is because They don't make anyone's life easier yet Chat gbt does it's exciting it gives you Something right now that you can get in Two seconds you can get on shotgun today And have fun and play around it and get Some benefit out of it within five Minutes Um so anyways with that being said

Crypto dream I just remember I just want To add on to that one one thing kite is That it took open hey I seven days to Get a million users that's true okay it Took Facebook two months and it took Instagram six weeks and it took Angry Birds I think like three weeks yeah There is never in anything that has Gotten a million active users quicker Than chat gbt so that I just wanted to Say that and let's talk to let's talk to Cryptojury I cooked a dream I'm throwing To your fam Let's [ __ ] go So there's so much going on with this Neil Degrassi Um Tyson he was talking about how like They're asking him if he would be Worried about people just using this to Write papers and he said those who are Interested in just making a grade yeah They'll use it and those who uh have a Passion for learning then they'll learn But I'm worried about Society because I'm afraid we're going to use this even Worse than a calculator like we're not Going to even know how to write anything And then like some someone's going to Get into the code and try to mold Society to believe a certain way because Everyone will quote jet g-e-pt there's So much through this stuff What are you most what are you most Excited about is there anything positive

That you're like pumped about I mean when I mean we can all resist Technology but I mean it'll really help if we just Embrace it hey you gotta you gotta shoot For the dreams I hear fam that's why you Be crypto dreaming out here Um hell yeah man Phillip you got Anything to say about that I've got a lot to say first of all Crypto dream is the first time we're Talking it is so nice to hear your voice My man welcome to the show I'm so happy That you're on Um and keep grinding I'm I'm keeping an Eye on your channel and you're doing Great so that's number one Um and number two is that um I I agree I Think that with any with the more Potential for good that anything has the More potential for bad that it has Um and you know we'll just have to deal With that when we get there Um what you know I want our thoughts Straight away when I when I've been Playing with this the last couple of Days Um specifically you know trying to see The the extent I could push it is that I've always had uh a gift of writing so I really have so even my first nft Project that they hired me for the first One I minted wolf club that they ended Up hiring me for a big part of that was

Writing the announcements making them Sound right and to be honest chat GDP Can do it 80 as good as as I can and I'm Really good at it it can really evoke Emotion like you saw that was pretty Scary for me because that is a skill That I have it's a skill that I use Every day in my business you know to Convince people to buy stuff and uh you Know whatever it may be I mean any in You know if someone's got a problem with The product to apologize in the right Way I mean I I did I asked her to do an Apology email no I didn't use it but I Asked her to do an apology email for me And it was it was a brilliant apology Email damn it got you even feeling Heartfelt No yeah apology for incorrect pricing Dear valued customer so obviously you Would say dear kind you know whatever so You have to change it a bit but we Apologize for any confusion or Inconvenience caused by the incorrect Pricing displayed on our website we Understand that many of our customers Rely on the accuracy of the information On our website when making their Purchasing decisions and we regret that We fell short of that expectation we Want to assure you that we have taken Steps to correct the error and ensure You that the correct pricing is Displayed on our website going forward

We apologize for any confusion or Disappointment this may have caused and Would like to offer you a certain Discount and you'll put your discount Percentage in there as a gesture of good Faith please feel free to contact us With any further questions or concern we Value your support they said Patriots And appreciate your understanding I mean Come on yeah okay you don't have to get Better Yeah so I don't need myself anymore I Mean it's a so it's scary it is scary Um you know there were other ones that I Asked her to do where there was quite a Lot that I think needed to be changed But I mean this is this is quite Incredible so yeah Philip listen I I Accept your apology I appreciate you Giving me that free stuff I really dude That was a really good apology letter Damn I forgot that it was AI when you Were reading it I was like Wow Philip is Really good Yeah and and a lot of this has to do With how you ask it so I said I said Please create no please so create a Um professional apology email to a Client for incorrect pricing displayed On our website wow crypto dream do you Have any thoughts on that do you like Are you do you have any specific uh Skills or jobs that you're worried are Going to be completely cut out crypto

Dream if you have any thoughts share Them if not it's totally fine I'm more worried about uh not learning The craft of script in my YouTube Channel than uh Because I mean like I I still have a lot To learn with all the writing I'm not an Expert like Phil I'm not an expert like Kate so don't Worry we all start somewhere and I Definitely am not an expert but I do Think crypto gym that everyone should Play with the chat GDP and let's say you Want to do a bit longer form content a Little bit more than shorts you could Pretty much get this thing to write the Script for you you really could yeah Write me write me a page Um essay on the benefits of AI obviously You have to read it yourself and you Know but but honestly you'll be able to You'll be able to really help you with That side of things and all you need to Focus on is really Um presenting it so I think I think it's A game changer for every industry I Think it's going to be absolutely Incredible on the other side you do want A human sometimes like you know and if You don't have that human Okay sometimes You don't want to speak to a robot so if People know that it's AI then then Customer service goes down because they Don't feel that same connection so it's

Going to be interesting when everyone Knows hey I'm not actually talking to a Person yet how it's going to go it's Like when you phone and they say press One for this press two for that and You're not interested you're like [ __ ] I Just want to speak to someone yeah Because they're stupid they're not They're not AI generated they're [ __ ] Bots that have like really interesting I'm gonna have that that's cleverer yeah But still is not a human and is lacking A little bit there and so it's going to Be interesting how it plays out I think The potential is massive Um but it is going to be interesting to Watch but I'm so glad that it's come to The Forefront because it's something That I'm really excited about I'm Excited to use it for some thumbnails Like I have a thumbnail guy I still will Be using him because he's so [ __ ] Good and he knows exactly like what I Need and he's he's really good about it He's well versed in Auntie's best too But Um like with my coffee break show I Figured man like I might as well mess With this sometimes and see if I can Come like right now I have a good Template for it and I can just add in Text for the main topics for that Thumbnail Um and I don't have to worry about

Sending him a new one every single show Every single day but um the idea of Having

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