What I wish I knew 20 years old – Life Alpha (Turning 40 Has Made Me Realize This)

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Up his mind so yeah it's been a very Introspective you know you turned 40 Kate and you start thinking like what Have I achieved what could I do better Like there's a couple of things that I've taken on Um like the not smoking was the biggest But a couple of other things that you Know I'm gonna call this person more Often than like family member I'm not I'm not spending any more time and and I've just been introspecting I've just Been thinking like yes I'm proud of a Lot of things but there's also a lot of Things that I feel that I I could do Better and I want to try I don't want to Overwhelm myself and take on too much Too quickly but yeah I'm definitely Definitely doing things I'm doing things At the moment so [ __ ] hot it's so Great to hear really happy for you Thank you my brother your old friend That said we're gonna have to move the Show four hours early as because I'm Going to be having a dinner at 5 00 p.m You know they've got that special 5 p.m Dinner when you get old were you lots of The pensioners uh pictures I'm far far away from that I'm still Feeling young and all good oh all right You have one bit of alpha life Alpha for Turning 40. While we're on this topic I I think that

Yeah I I think and this is to me also And I haven't achieved this I think you can't be so busy just coping And surviving and just getting through The day-to-day that you forget to smell The flowers Right just to actually stop and and and And appreciate your family and your Children the things that really matter Not just family and children just in General and I'm guilty of this I'm you Know I'm reacting from the moment I wake Up to the moments I go to bed I really Am there's so much to get through every Single day and then you know last week Okay the amount of things that went Wrong at work is just unbelievable like My electricity board blew up because of The generator literally blew up we had No power my website went offline my car Had to go in for for three days I had no Corn it was the worst rains we've seen Like like every day you just freaking Reacting this one's orders delayed this One's stuck in customs it gets to 10 O'clock at night and and you haven't Stopped I think I need to stop and smell The roses a bit more and enjoy a bit More like take my foot off the pedal Slightly tiny bit and spend that extra Half an hour reading the kids and an Extra book and like that's that's that's What I would say is is don't just be so Busy in the rat race that you forget to

Stop and breathe and enjoy and Appreciate whether it's a sunset like Touch grass once in a while touch grass No matter what stage you're at just stop And and enjoy the things that that are Passing you by a Sunsetter your wife Your children uh friend pick up a phone To a friend that you haven't spoken to In a guitar in a long time stuff like That that would be that would be okay That's beautiful that's I've actually Been on that exact wave the past few uh Past like month or so I think I also Noticed how much I was reacting to Everything and that even changed my Content I was like man I haven't made a Video where I just spitballed in front Of the camera and just said what I Wanted to say I'm always making a video About someone else's achievement or Someone else's news announcement and I Was like man and I also noticed I wasn't Stopping to like even for 10 minutes to Just chill I live in the city and like I Live right next to the harbor I live Right next to the boat harbor I live Right next to all these beautiful things And I didn't take the time to go and Explore and run around so then a week Later or a week ago I bought a [ __ ] Electric scooter I put this on Twitter So I could zoom around anywhere I want Now as fast as I want I can get anywhere I want and I can and I can and the

Reason I bought the scooter is because I Like scootering and it's fun to actually Be there scootering as I'm zooming Through the streets because I can take a Bus but I want to actually scooter so I Can see everything in real time as it's Going and then when I get there chill With the book or a blunt like I like to Smoke weed while I read it's really nice And I just chill there for like an hour And I never used to do it before I never Gave myself the permission to like spend An hour doing something that wasn't Productive because it just ate me [ __ ] alive and then when I started to Do that I realized this is like the Secret just give yourself that hour Because it releases all this extra Weight on you and it allows you to go Back to the workplace and get things Done and not be crazy and always Complain and you know upset that you Don't have time for yourself and to you Literally have to force yourself to do It because otherwise you won't do it so Um and I do think that you know in Theory you'll actually achieve more You'll be more productive when you come Back and you'll what would take five Hours will take three hours so that one Hour that you spend you're actually Saving an hour like I think that's the Hiring of it you know I've been I've Been so focused on you know let's get

From point A to point B what's point B Fully retired like fully retired so just Be able to do what I enjoy all day Whether that's flipping homes which I Really do enjoy whether that's YouTube Which I really do and web free space Like just quit my day job and fully Retire right that's been it so I thought Look if I if I go 100 miles an hour and Don't stop I'll be able to do that by The time that I'm fortunate now I'm 40 And and I can't do that because if you Look at it the amount of money that you Need to comfortably retire and still Live beautifully like we live Um and not have any income for the next 40 years and just live off the interest Of the amount of money I've saved is Difficult specially with you know three Children in in really really good Private schools and you know whatever it May be to keep our standard of living so You say okay maybe now I need to just Even if it's you know half an hour every Single day just stop and enjoy a bit Even if that delays that inevitable goal A little bit a couple of months a couple Of years and as we said it probably Won't because that half an hour will Make me more productive in the rest of It oh and like feed your actual Soul Which doesn't get fed when you're doing Work your work does not feed your soul The only thing that feeds your soul is

Taking time out to do something you want To do and plus not even just the time You get back the time you get back plus The actual feeling inside of knowing That you took an hour for yourself and You got to enjoy it and do something You're that you want to do whether That's a workout class or a yoga class Or whatever Um it's pretty it's a really really Powerful stuff and if you don't do that You'll fly through three months of your Life and not even know what happened and Not remember what happened and so far You're far through 40 Years of your life People say burnout bro I've never been Burnt out and I go full on I never I never had a schedule like this And the amount of benefits I've come From me giving myself an extra hour a Day to just not think allows me to kind Of be like yo I need to do this I need To have that I need to go ahead and Accomplish this real quick and just get It done it's changed my entire life and I got a schedule and this thing has made My life a thousand times more productive 100 so you need to get a better schedule Than that Um Schedules on my computer but yeah Exactly I I use my Connecticut John Saying all about patterns we've got Crypto dream saying it's scary that you

Just go go and you know you don't you Don't smell the roses you don't get that Look I enjoy it I do enjoy life we go on Holiday every year for three weeks I do Switch off always Um you know Bianca and I go on date Nights at least once every two weeks Just her and I will go out somewhere Um you know just the two of us obviously If we speak time together every night Just the two of us but I'm saying we're Specifically go on date nights and Things like that so there are certain Things that I've boarded I'm not saying Like working 24 hours a day seven days a Week Um but yeah I'm just saying yeah to take Things take things in Australia and I Was going to show you my calendar a big Part of everything is I schedule Absolutely everything so I just use Outlook it's more than good enough for Me so on my iPad phone and computer all Sick so no matter where I am I just Change it I move it can reschedule it Can have it reoccurring or whatever and Then that's a big part of what I do Everything's written down so that like When I'm going to bed at that I'm not Thinking about anything because I know It's all there and if I do think of Something I just quickly go on my phone Put it in and then I can go to bed and Relax you know but scheduling stuff is

Really really important I think

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