What Happened to 2021 NFT YouTubers?

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This video is to go to show you that Even the people that you follow that you Think will be here for the long run can Change they might not be around they may Just take a bag from you and then dip When the going gets hard back in January Of 2022 I created this video so January 2022 best nft YouTubers you need to Follow we're going to have a look at Them and see where they are and what's Actually been happening in the bare Market so let's get into it so first off In this video we got Amir Hussein now um I am friends with Amir I'm friends with Most of the guys on this list looking at Amir's Channel he has still been putting Out some content so you can see here um Around a month ago he put out something Then 3 months ago so there was a bit of A lull so we've got like 9 months ago But overall he has actually been putting Out some some content which is good he Hasn't completely abandoned the uh nft Space now next up on the list is crypto Gorilla so we're going to jump in and Have a look and see what he's been doing Now look no surprise here if you've been In the space and watching content you Can see that he is still going Absolutely ham so you got uh sort of 3 Days ago 4 days ago 8 days ago 9 days Ago 2 weeks ago gorilla's here he's Posting day in day out on YouTube and on X so gorilla is still here now um

Another one that pops up right now is Nft pasta so I absolutely to I covered Him when he was at 5K I think he's like Abely boosted from here but let's check And see what pasta's been doing I Absolutely love pasta pasta is another Australian um so I like to support um Australians and that are creating Content so we can see Pastor here he's Got almost 10,000 subscribers um and Then with the videos that he's been Putting up so you got four months ago 5 Months ago and it actually looks like he Has completely revamped his content Because he's only got um sort of three Videos on here now the reason that I Liked pasta in the beginning and you can Actually kind of see it um in this video And you can actually kind of see it in This video um it's a little bit hard to See but yeah he he was uploading Essentially daily content going Absolutely ham and absolutely crazy um So I respected his grind he his upload Content was just straight chaotic so I'm I'm excited to see pasta put out more Stuff uh next up on the list we've got Dante Walker now Dante he has a crypto Channel and an nft Channel I was on his Channel um he was on I was on a couple Of spaces with him as well and we can See with Dante um sort of 2 months ago 4 Months ago still posting uh bits and Pieces here and there and I do know that

Um and he's got 13k Subs so Dante is Still active he's still around in the Space hasn't completely dipped which is Cool um but with Dante I know that he Had some issues with his channel as well Um when it comes to monetization and Sort of getting stuff taken down so I Hopefully that is all sorted for him and Then next up we've got Bento boy now Bento was absolutely blowing up and Going absolutely crazy so let's see what He's been doing and how active he's been In the space when we have a look at his Content though sadly it has been a long Time since he's put anything up so the Last nft content was 10 months ago and Then after that it was actually 9 months Ago which was AI content so it looks Like he transitioned a little bit over Other than that he was posting very Regular I think two or three times a Week so he was going absolutely crazy in In ham but uh yeah so it's it's going to Be coming up to a year since he last F Content which is a little bit um which Is a little bit sad because um I kind I Kind of like Bento boy next up we're Going to be having a look at kosher plug To see what he's been doing and how he's Been traveling in the bare market now When you land on his page you can see Right here it says AI business and Finance um it looks like so last thing Was AI content around 3 months ago um

Nft content Was look 11 months ago then after that He just transitioned completely to AI Content so at the moment it looks like Kosher has just absolutely kind of uh Left nft space um in the bare market and Transitioned um and this would also be Related to wgmi because if you follow Them on uh s of like Instagram and Tik Tok you'll see that wgmi media is very Much based on what is happening in the AI space so it looks like kosher has Dipped um on the sort of YouTube front When it comes to nfts in the bare Market Next up we've got Matt's crypto now when It comes to Matt's Channel he's got 110,000 subscribers but when it comes to Nft based stuff he's really leaning into The crypto aspect so you've got ft uh He's speaking about FTX here um he's got The mega bull himself Michael sailor a Video there um and then after that a Bunch of other kind of things about Airdrops uh bits and pieces here and There so it looks like he's steered away From nft content um and gone a bit into Uh like sort of crypto content and Finance content um which you got to Respect the hustle now next up this is One of my favorite content creators it Is John Carlo now what has John Carlo Been doing now if you're keeping up with Nfts in any way shape or form you know Who John Carlo is uh 100 absolutely

Killing it but you can see here John car Is still putting up nft content um and What is actually happening in the space And I really respect this grind and Hustle it has been um a little bit um Sort of dry but uh with his upload Schedule cuz you're going to you go 9 Months ago 8 months ago but he has been Active but I will say that his Newsletter uh is absolutely fire so he Is very much day in day out making nft Content but you're just not seeing as Much of it on YouTube because the Newsletter is absolutely fire I love Reading it every single day so big shout Out to John Carlo next up is Ryan de the Big man himself and in this video you Can kind of see here that Ryan de really Didn't have his face in his um Thumbnails because I think he decided to Sort of um not not necessarily dox Himself but really kind of put his face On camera um once we got to the end of Sort of November December of 2021 um and Where Ryan D is right now is in the Thick of it absolutely putting up a Whole bunch of content now he is leaning Into the crypto part of Ryan D crypto Speaking about crypto but also speaking About um what is going on in the I'm going to call it web 3 space um so He is speaking about what nft people are Speaking about when it comes to friend Tech things like that um but yeah so in

Terms of like nft content you can see Here um you meta this is 11 days ago He's he's still keeping up a very good Schedule of content so Ryan D is not Disappearing whatsoever I love listening To Ryan I think looking at Ryan when you Hear him speak but then when you kind of See him when you uh when he's in a Server or something he's like really Funny really degenerate Ryan's an Absolute boss now next up in the video I Actually put in Nikki G um I don't know I I like he just started creating some Content like that week when I started When I put this out and I'm a big fan of Nikki G uh with what he had actually Done in the space up to that point in Time but I don't actually know if he Actually put in um put in more work Content work because he was doing a lot Of stuff with his brand but when we go And have a look at his videos yeah it's Been like it's been years since he's Uploaded um but I do believe he's still Active I still see him active on Twitter Still doing a whole bunch of stuff but When it comes to YouTube not so much now Next up we've got nft verse now the Angel nft verse I've actually done a Video and I'm actually link it up here About what actually happened to him um But essentially if you haven't kept up Nft verse just basically disappeared From the face of the Earth um when it

Comes to sort of crypto and nfts now I Did a video on it breaking that down now He was absolutely just a monster in the Space we've got and sort of almost 140,000 subscribers so absolutely Killing it but then with his content It's it's it's been years like literally Years since he's like put up some Content so he hasn't been active now I Did do a bit of a deep dive he isn't um Dead he is alive I found a well like When I put up that video there some People ended up dming me um what they Believe to be his LinkedIn account um And all of that so he is still alive and Well he just seemed to dip on the space So uh nft verse is no more he just Absolutely dipped when we got to the Bare market so uh yeah that that's no Good now next up we've got the Brett Brett malanoski now this guy pretty much Got um a lot of people into trading nfts But also content creators when it ca Came to nfts and what's Brett doing Right now his subscribers have Absolutely blown up and gone crazy but This was off the back of AI content now Brett has basically Ally transitioned Away from sort of crypto nfts and going Very much the business finance route um And then also a lot of AI content and You can see here a lot of his AI content That popped off um are just these ones Here you can see 1.4 million views

That's what really happened one uh 1.8 Million views a lot of this AI content Popped off and he realized that there Was a market there and then along with Wgmi media uh that's what ended up Happening with creating this content Which is More geared towards Finance business um AI content things like that so when it Comes to Brett here it looks like he has Dipped completely from creating content Around nfts um and crypto overall now The last guy on the list and I recently Just had a conversation with him about Content it is Cade Bergman now Cade has Been like for the most part he had been Creating a stupid amount of content for A long period of time and he eventually Got to a point where he just needed to Take a break from the space cuz he was Going absolutely nuts releasing multiple Bits of content on Tik Tok on YouTube Shorts like this guy was going Absolutely ham like you can see here When you look at the amount of videos He's put up 1.5 1500 videos absolutely nuts Absolutely crazy now Cade um even though It looks like he has kind of dropped off You can see here that he was putting in A lot of work when it came to nft Content especially going into the bare Market he was essentially going daily Content was which was just nuts and I

Really appreciated the hustle um but Overall he kind of got a little bit down And uh just needed to kind of step back Take a break had a chat with him about Content creation and a way to kind of Rejig that rework that but Kade still Active still see him on Twitter on X um And he will continue to make content um I have no doubt he just it's just one of Those things where he need after after After sort of 2 years of daily content It really does get hard especially when You take into account the post Production and all of that so that is a Look and a recap at um where the people Are that I spoke about a year coming up To 2 years ago now why did I want to Make this video this video is to go to Show you that even the people that you Follow that you think will be here for The long run because I made a video on Them I thought they were going to stick Around can change they might not be Around they might not um continue what They're actually doing in the space so Please keep that in mind one of the Reasons that I'm creating content even In the bare Market um and I notice it Like with gorilla with Ryan d and a Bunch of other guys especially on YouTube is it's also the receipts it's Showing you that you're here that you're With people when the money might not be Here when the hype's not here so be

Careful about the people that you watch About the people that you follow because They may just take a bag from you and Then dip when the going gets hard but I'm still here hopefully you enjoyed This video hopefully you enjoyed this Trip down memory lane if you did go down There hit that subscribe button hit a Like tell me what content creator you Would like me to kind of have a look at I've actually got a video coming up Which is going to be based on a few Content creators that did raise some Money and did essentially rug and leave So that's going to be a bit of a fun one But yeah hopefully you enjoyed watching This video I enjoyed making it and I Look forward to seeing you in the next One

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