What are Soul Bound Token?! #nft #cryptoasset

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On this journey with me if you will we Talked about Soul bound tokens about Three minutes ago let's say you get um Your forklift certification license you Can drive one of those forklifts around Just like a little piece of paper and You probably lost it imagine if that was An nft a soul-bound token nft that is Native it essentially lives in your Wallet and you cannot transfer it out You're probably never gonna lose that Because you can't even transfer it out Of your wallet operations with Traditional Industries technological Advancements clear regulatory framework And educational efforts can Significantly boost mft utility and Adoption nfts have the potential to make A comeback Jason Bailey co-founder and CEO of nft tool and self-custody Solutions Club nft little coin Telegraph He thinks nfts will make a comeback and Go mainstream because crypto and nfts Rebound cyclically just like previous Tech crashes Bitcoin having is around April May of next year usually after We'll see a surge in uh in prices Hopefully and nfts that follow I hope

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