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Frederick thank you lovely to have you I Hope you enjoy the show all right let's Get straight into it guys market update Make the screen big mere but small and Let's see what's going on so if we have A look at the last 24 hours on the nft Market we've got blur Marketplace doing A whopping 90 million dollars Um there's no doubt in my mind Whatsoever about a big portion of this Is wash trading we're going to be Talking quite a lot about blue but um in Sudato but for now at face value they're Saying there was 90 million done in the Last 24 hours if we have a look open C 17 million we've got X2 Y2 with 1.19 Million immutable x with 820 000. crypto Banks alone 674 000 and Theta drop uh we did 167 000 Jpeg store 140 and looks rare 90 000. if We add it all together we get 120 million odd but again the blue Number does not seem correct to me and We will talk about that a bit later If we jump into it and just have a look What's going on in the crypto Market in The last 24 hours we are down about Three percent on each just under 1 600 We're down about four percent on bitcoin Now 23 000. we've got Solana sitting at 22.88 we've got xrp at 37 cents BNB Sitting at three hundred dollars so We've seen a very very big pullback in The last 24 hours and week on week we've

Also seen a pullback on both Bitcoin and Ethereum And the stock market uh American Stock Market NASDAQ S P 500 is no different We've had a bloodbath of the day today Down about one and a half two percent Um yesterday was choppy up and down Um ended up slightly um but overall on The week we are we are way down on the Stock market Um and tick has been hit really really Hard if we have a look over here you can See only Red Apple down two percent Nvidia down 1.8 percent Um and so on and so forth

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