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Bridge Kingdom cage show on YouTube and Market updates okay market update just The General market before we get into Specific nfts if we have a look at the Stock market today was absolute Banger We sold about two percent increase in The NASDAQ S P 500 and week on week it's Actually pretty much where it was last Week this time but there was a pullback On Thursday after Jerome proud raped uh 25 basis points and it was largely Expected but his comments afterwards Were quite hawkish Um and you know not really that does it Although you did mention that they may Be getting close to where you know they They can stop Um but overall his comments were quite Hawkish the market didn't respond as Volatility as volatile Volatile or volatile yeah I don't know I Don't know I don't even know if there's A word as violently it's probably the Better word but yeah well no that's a Doozy As we would have expected Um and as we've seen in the past uh you Know it typically you know state where It was sort of uh went down sort of went Up into the day about half a half a Point down but Um there has been a recovery today week On week we are pretty much where we were Apple up five percent today

Um Nvidia up five percent today well now Four percent Um it's a tech really looking good Health care on average up half a percent Um Finance even which is really risky at The moment with all the banks going Under looking really good Um JP Morgan up two percent got Berkshire Hathaway at 1.3 but all green On the banking but banking's really been Hit quite hard so there's just a slight Recovery over there Um Healthcare looks like it's looking Good consumer durables including tislet At five percent today Energy up three percent to 2.9 sorry Really great day today on the markets if We have a look at uh crypto uh we're Looking at Bitcoin even though it still Feels like pretty I don't know everyone Seems a bit down on us it's looking Pretty good I mean 29 475 yes it hit 31 000 about a weekend a bit ago but it's Been holding strong I mean this is a Good price for Bitcoin um ethereum 1984 last week it was 1850 and I said it looked it looked Appetizing I got a little bit of Backlash for that Um but yeah if you had done that and Sold now you've done pretty well we've Got Solana sitting at twenty three Dollars Um if we ever look at the general

Ethereum tokens we've got Um at 3.70 so it's pulled back a bit Um we've got yeah what else we got to Send at uh 50 50 cents So generally speaking we're seeing that The crypto is holding very steady my Favorite chart like you know my bubbles My new favorite chart this is the daily Chart so the last 24 hours Pepe coin has Doubled in the last 24 hours and it is Now over a billion dollar market Capital Um which is absolutely crazy and if you Think that's crazy if you go to the week It is up 1 100 on the week so if on the Show last week you had put a thousand Dollars into Pepe coin you would now Have Ten thousand or a hundred thousand code What's what's the math I can pull up my Calculator A hundred dollars up a thousand so I Think you would have That's a hundred thousand Hundred thousand dollars if you put so You was if you put a thousand dollars in That's crazy you would have thought it Would have kept going up I mean it's Just almost impossible to judge and Stuff but you can look here they lost 24 Hours and take two billion dollars in in Volume market cap selling at 1.3 billion It's currently ranked at number 42 coin I mean it's definitely a meme coin There's no doubt

Um On a bigger one yeah I can try zoom in more here that's in The nook or maybe type it out on like uh Oh there we go wow you can do it and I Can also maybe even make it bigger but You can see the top was about I'll leave The zeros out but lots of zeros are then Full and now we're sitting at lots of Zeros and then three so it's down down About uh 20 from that's absolutely right There but this is that this is just a Week bro yeah that's some crazy if you Look at the day It's today alone So yeah man and you know this coin's Gone mad I think it's you know Definitely interesting and I think it's Good for the market you know in the end Of the day let people make money it's Always great uh no people have a good Experience with crypto I mean in the end Of the day you know we're not major Crypto Traders but it's crypto Traders Are pretty much like nft traders in in The way that we all just gamble us I Mean let's call it a spade a spade Um and if you've got there's a hundred Thousand holders individual holders of Pet Banks and so you're saying like Almost all of them have made money There's very few I mean you know unless You bought that one hour of the top so Let's say 90 000 people have made many

In the last week a lot of money am I Gonna put that money you give some of it Back to the house for sure they're going To put that money into other coins and You know people are speculating what is The next one that's going to be this It's just incredibly I don't know Interesting to watch for me because you Know there's these Chef coins come up All the time obviously Pepe is always a Meme and you know it was always going to Have a bit of traction but no one could Have anticipated this sort of onion That's absolutely insane Because this is this almost feels like a Small scaled down version well I don't Even know if it's scaled down but like Of moon Birds when every single time I Looked at it I was like this is the top And then I was like all right this this Has got to be the top and then I'm like All right this is definitely gonna be The top and then I'm like all right Never mind I don't know what I'm talking About anymore Yeah man it's like I mean just a bit of Becca so it lost in mid-april uh there Was a 420 trillion Supply obviously 420 Because of the the meme the best time to Smoke weed apparently allegedly and and Then it became the face of the face of Crypto I mean it is the biggest meme Coin of 2023 by far with obviously you Know no Shibu and we know Doge uh but

Yeah I mean this has just taken taken us By storm and I think you know so many People were sitting on the sidelines and Thinking to himself which is so boring Um and and just waiting for something to Just even if they thought it was going To zero just to feel a lot again and a Lot of people put 100 200 300 in this Um and again if you had done that you You would have been sitting on a on a Small fortune at the moment So yeah I mean I don't think there's Many people that would have said this Was going past the one billion dollar Valuation they clearly say that there's Absolutely no utility to this whatsoever Also that the team meant it seven Percent or eight percent themselves Um and there's a whole you know they say It all out there that there's nothing to This at all you'll get nothing in return And how we're sitting with a 1.3 billion Dollar valuation currently This is nonsense too because Like within that little world of Pepe There's been some true degeneracy we've Seen and people really think that we'll Just never have that kind of stuff again They're like no because this bear Market We'll never see crazy crypto prices and Stuff like that I'm like you are dumb Bro the second people smell blood in the Streets they go hard like they don't Give a dude the second the the

Sentiment flows bullish we turn into Savages and like I don't know what to Tell people like when that energy is Back for real Gonna be crazy bro that's why we're Still out here streaming um just because It's gonna come back at some point That's that's pretty crazy like Hearing that Pepe story in the middle of This kind of market for no reason we had Nfts take off a little bit for a few Weeks there uh like I don't know I don't Even know exactly when that was probably Over a month ago And then they dropped off and everyone's Like well I guess we're gonna be bored For a little while and then Pepe just Came out of nowhere bro it's Like um yeah crypto is like that it's Like every single time we think we're Gonna take a master's massive L Something comes out of the woods and Saves us bro Official signing yeah I mean the Interesting thing is it's got a lot of Traction now Finance has listed it Um CZ also went on and said when they Listed it Um that Meme coins are high risk the Sort of a disclaimer there and that you Can expect a lot of volatility and as it Was listed Um he has he has his tweets over here Meme coins and all crypto are high risk

Remember no one is forcing you to buy Them do your own research to be Responsible they've also got flucky over Here Um which was listed and also up on the Week so I don't really know much about Lucky but there's another one so yeah Man I mean in the end of the day Crypto.com is also launched it with with Futures so yeah it came out of nowhere And is absolutely flying Um obviously this show is never Financial Vice like we said in the Beginning Um I wouldn't touch any of this with a 10-foot pole I wish I had Um and maybe it goes another 10x from Here who freaking knows better it's Risky at this point at this point though Like we

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