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All right let's get straight into it we Have got a market update all right so Market update just General market what's Going on I know that the S P 500 Nasdaq All of that's up about half a half Percentage point today and it's been Quite a bullish week we had earnings Coming out this week a lot of big Companies earnings we had meta we got Microsoft we had Amazon Um and people were quite scared really Because you know uh there's been so much So much so many layoffs and so much talk About you know all the bearish stuff but Earnings came out great so overall they Were better than expectations and we've Seen the market respond positively which Is really really good Um so it's been a good week on the stock Market if we jump into crypto it's been A very volatile week very volatile Currently listening with epit 1895. we've got Bitcoin doing nicely at Twenty nine thousand three hundred and Fifty Solana has also recovered 23.33 Um so overall we've come back nicely we Did go as low as about 1 800 on ethereum We went as low as about 27 000 on Bitcoin in the last couple of days all The way from 31 000 so really has been a Volatile weekend over here you can see On the youth chart that volatility so You see we hit a high of 2 100 on the 14th and then we've come back down here

On the 26th which was two days ago we Were just under 2 000 and then now we're Sitting at one thousand nine hundred we Went as low as one thousand eight Hundred so I've been a bit of a choppy Market which is expected and the Interesting ones that we've been seeing Is arbitrons doing quite well at 1.40 We've got blur sitting at 67 cents Um Solana continuing to show some Strength at 23 as we said regardless Sitting at 0.038 we've got ape hovering around the Four dollars has been quite consistent There Um so yeah it's interesting to see if we Look at my bubbles which I'm really Really enjoying this is the weekly Bubbles And the bubbles on the week so basically What you want to see is the bigger the Bubble well we lost something there What can I do with me yeah why okay no Something really weird my whole screen On my laptop went black but I'm back all Right so we're looking at the bubbles The daily bubbles green means up red Means down the bigger they are the more Up or down that they are so you can see Solana's been leading today up four Percent but if we change that to weak You can see I mean we've got to render At 40 which is a massive amount we've Got injective up 11 xrd up 30 percent

Hey do you hold any of these coins these Alternates no I don't um Bitcoin and Ease Bitcoin in these only I need to learn more Kate I I know both You and I feel the same I need to learn More but um I'm too scared to get you Know involved in this I don't I know Just enough to be dangerous you know That saying you know just enough to be Dangerous in a negative way that's me Yeah me too because like at least at Least we have like months well actually Years now of experience like just kind Of operating in the realm of like crypto World so like I recognize most of these Names and now that I've been like Multiple times a week now I'm like doing I'm uh participating in like trading Stuff whether that's just like hanging Out with people who are Traders or Learning a new concept or helping uh Trying to recharts and like going Through like examples almost like doing Homework or like going to like school or Something with some of my friends who Are good at it and uh the training was Pretty interesting dude because like you Can It's like weird how easily you can make It interesting kind of how like last Week we were talking about the Trump's Trading cards for like 40 minutes Straight it's just kind of funny to just Talk about some of the like for example

If we're talking about Solana for 30 Minutes talking about the chart of Solana it's easy to like talk about it Because we also know what's going on on Solana's like influencers we know what They're talking about the projects are Driving so it's like really easy to make Content about that so I'm just excited To like know just slightly enough to Where I'm like okay I feel comfortable Hosting a stream even if it's going to Be like you know learn to trade with me Over the next six to nine months before I'm even like remotely decent Um but I'm excited for the content part Mainly you know yeah I mean look I Really do believe that if you spend the Time learning Um learning the charts and learning how To read the charts and billions of Brands and you know different uh head And shoulders and all this different Stuff which I've been sort of Researching I just don't have enough Time if you learn it properly I think You know it's really educated gambling I Think I think you can really put the Odds in your favor Um and yeah I mean that's something I do Want to get more into I have dabbled I Mean I've owned Solana I've owned apcoin I've owned you know I even went into Gala I remember I waited to Ghana Um yeah Ghana is a coin you know they're

Quite interesting as well Um and uh uh one and eight I I now did Well on eight so long I broke even and Gala got scared bro because I realized I Didn't know enough At about a 20 laugh oh um and then like Two days later it went up 40 or Something stupid Um so yeah it should be a fun segment to Like uh incorporate like a trading part Of the of the stream for for this show Specifically uh but also to have like I Don't know I was in my head I was Thinking like maybe even potentially Like two to four streams a week where It's more like consistent like I know Patrick who's another content creator he Was thinking about doing a like 500 Dollars to a down payment on a house Type of series and I was like that that Kind of concept is pretty interesting to Me because at least like if people are Tuning into the show at least they have One thing that they know is happening And that's what we're working towards One certain goal and everything else in Between is just like you've got to know What you're doing I could do that within 50s not anymore not anymore I mean There's there's just but no there's no There's no bars there's no liquidity in The Market at the Mac but I'm saying I You're buying peppers Okay my brother nfts at the moment are

Dead dead dead let's look at what's Trading and we'll talk about it in that Segment because yeah we really are dead At the moment so what's trending

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