Weekly Web3, Crypto & NFT Market Update 6 Feb 2023

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Headphones which makes no sense because It was working yesterday in restream so I'm not sure if it's a streamer thing or Uh so you you sorted out we're gonna get Straight into it if you haven't already Follow the web 3 show on YouTube and Follow Kate Bergman George Kingdom on YouTube lots of alpha if you're not Following us on Twitter follow us on Twitter all right guys let's get Straight into the market update if we Have a look over here on crypto we are Slightly down in the last 24 hours Um 1.3 down on eth sitting at 1 650 Bitcoin sitting at 23 387 down about two Percent on the day Solana sitting at Twenty four dollars I'm down about three Percent on the day however week to week We are looking really really strong We're about 15 up from last Friday we Were on one thousand five hundred Dollars for if and about 21 000 for Bitcoin and two weeks back we were about One thousand three hundred dollars for You so we in the last two two and a half Weeks we up about 25 to 30 percent Um which is really good and it's quite a Nice place to be to be saying that ether 1 650 is slightly down that's a that's In general quite bullish if we have a Look at the stock market a very very Similar situation so it has pulled back Today about one and a half percent However week on week it's been a really

Really strong meet week on the stock Market today the job numbers came out And they were very very good they were a Lot more than estimated Um and so that was quite bullish for the Market but we also saw earnings from Apple and alphabet and a whole lot of Other companies Um that were um quite down so a bit of a Mixed bag we did have power come out and He did his 25 uh basis point raise which Is what the market really expected and He wasn't as hawkish in his speech as a Lot of people have thought and Afterwards we really really did see a Huge jump about a three percent jump in The in the S P 500 so overall it's been A really really good week on crypto and A really really good week Um on on the stock exchange as well if We have a look at open C volume we can See here that openc monthly volume for January was 445 million dollars excuse The thunder in the background it's Raining and then we had in December 283 Dollars at 283 million dollars and December was 253 so if we can close February higher than 446 million dollars Then we are probably safe to say that December was our low or November was Unknown because you could see it Starting to Trend out if we have a look Over here learn the last 24 hours to 15.3 million dollars open seats at 15.2

Million x2y2 to 2 million Um immutable X 628 000 and all the rest Of them under half a million if we add That together we get about 34 million so Looking pretty good on the nft trading Side and that concludes your market Update Mr

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