Weekly Web3, Crypto & NFT Market Update – 14 May 23

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So it just continues growing but we Really would appreciate the support Let's get straight into it lots to cover Market update so just Market updates Typically non-nft related just to see What's going on in the market in the Crypto Market but not nfts and then we Move on to what's trending which is nfts We have had a red day on the markets Today everything down NASDAQ S P 500 Um all of it down on the day it has been A bit of a flat week slightly down Earnings typically came out over Overwhelmingly good better than expected I think there was a general consensus That Jerome Powell would not be Increasing races rates at the next Meeting and now there seems to be a Consensus and and that percentage has Gone that there will be another increase And I think that's sort of what we're Seeing over here we also had a lot of Us Coming out and saying that the economy Is I don't know what really used in eBay Or something like that that he's Concerned about the economy obviously The politicians saying nothing to be Concerned about but definitely not an Ideal uh space at the moment to be in Having a look at crypto we've had a Really bad week on the crypto markets We've got Bitcoin sitting at 26 000 and Did touch 25 8 and we've got eth sitting At 1 760 not as bad as Bitcoin but both

Of them down on the day we've got Solana Just hovering just above the 20 Mark Twenty dollars we've got Doge at 0.07 Xrp at 0.4 Um so generally a down day on crypto and A down week on crypto and this chart of Ethereum Um it just gives you a good a good view Of that if we change it to seven days Since our last time Yeah you can see me pretty down there so That's the story we've also got eight Coin down sitting at 3.20 Um and uh yeah Gala also at 0.028 so Crypto but down at the market if we go To the bubbles which I'm enjoying this Is the week and yeah you can see how Down we are everything is red over here Except for Carver and bgb we've got our Friends Pepe seems to be that they've Lost the Limelight for now do they get It back that remains to be seen uh Definitely made their mark on the market But whereas they were sitting at 0.00003 last week and they are now Sitting at 0.0000135 so they are quite down as we Stand now if we look in the last day on The bubbles definitely looking a lot Better the last 24 hours than the last Week flat increase in Pepe we've got Lido at 12 and various others up we got Hex very controversial went down seven Percent but a lot more green in the last

24 hours then we see in the last week Since our last meeting and that sums up Your market update

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