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English and the fact is the fact is if You go to any company in the entire World and obviously this doesn't fit Every company but if you go to any Company in the entire world and say to Them if you pay us x amount today you Will be guaranteed to have that amount Back in the next three years and Thereafter there's no further expense You will save that amount every three Years in perpetuity going forward Forever every single company that I know Of to get their money back in three Years and be guaranteed thereafter that Is pure gravy and pure savings never Mind the carbon saving and and the Turnaround time just the cost saving it Just it's a no-brainer it's almost like Solar power in you know in countries Where soda is really really cheap and Electricity is really really expensive It's just a no-brainer you know if you Have you know pay the money now it will Be paid you'll get that money back in Two years and then you don't have to Ever pay electricity again

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