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Embrace web 3 in any way they sort of Like came in as if we are Porsche and We're going to do this drop and we're Going to sell out and they were put in Their place very very quickly and they Didn't sell out and within a couple of Hours of the month at that point they Had sold about 1 300 of the nfts and Mint price was about 0.80 so it was Below Um the floor price was about 0.80 which Was below month price and they kept it There for a little bit and then released It they cutting the collection size and Since then we have seen a pump and then We've seen a bit of a retracement on Their pump which we'll look at now if we Look at that they have updated this Since I looked at it a few days ago and They have updated their website they Have updated utilities and roadmap but Before it was just basically like all of You guys were going to need your input Um and you can help us co-create Um uh you know a a picture of a post Which you can customize Um so all of them come as this play

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