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Have had two major major accidents car Accidents I guess I was sort of like Invincible in My mind and that does worry me about my Children like that I've got three boys Like you know but just for the viewers Um and I think boys when they get their License I don't know that age you just You feel like you're invisible you don't Have any understanding of what I did What death could mean I was too nervous To be reckless in front of a car because I I felt how like heavy that was And I was like I if I this up when I'm driving 40 miles per hour I'm dead Like that's gonna hurt and I think I Drove somewhat sheepishly because of That reason No so I was the opposite I I really like Drove with intention of getting places Quickly Um but I mean yeah they look the one the One was really completely not my fault But if I wasn't you know if I wasn't uh You know going so fast I could have Maybe avoided it but I mean the one was I was driving really really fast down The road

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