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Need some sort of especially if you're Going to hold your money in a um what is It in a centralized exchange I think That they they need to have that stuff Public for sure yeah and here they have Finance has done a chair yeah I mean This is he has the what it's addresses Again don't just accept this let's click On it and let's have a look right but I Mean you know you sort of take things at Face value and I think a good lesson From this is that you can't you can't Take anything at face value I see I Logged into my account by mistake Andres See can you imagine having yes 352. a thousand Bitcoin in this wallet Incredible So good for him good for him he's uh I Barnett's he's published all their Different wallets yeah I don't know that This is an exclusive list but definitely A great start Um and I'm sure knowing guys in the Space that there will be live trackers Now

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