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Much on social media side of things but We've got to entertain who's been Arrested Um and yeah I'm not going to run through The story I think everybody knows they They while they investigate they're Keeping him in jail for 30 days at least And that can be extended and in order to Do that you have to have some pretty Damning Um evidence against them because if They're wrong about this authorities Um he will he will sue that country for Everything it's worth and they know that And end up winning what they think They're right and that they've got Something Um I'm interested to hear what you have To say first code and then I will yeah Speak to you about it what what are your Feelings on this because you're the guy Who mentioned they entertain me before I Even knew him right yeah and since then I've watched a lot of his content I have My own views on it but I'm very Interested to hear what what your what Your views are I I just don't buy it bro like the Second he got arrested like 10 hours Later he's tweeting again and I was like Bro what are you like it it seems like Even if he's gonna be sitting in jail He's gonna be sitting in a penthouse of A jail and I just got either way right

You don't uh you don't bother I don't That this is yeah I just don't buy it's Legit it's just weird like because Especially because he called it on a Bunch of shows and was like I'm gonna Get arrested soon because they can't Handle what I'm saying I was like bro What are you talking about they're not Gonna arrest you because you say a bunch Of nonsense on Twitter I was like they Don't care they're not I mean they care But they're not gonna arrest you for That that's that's inconceivable and Then he gets arrested for these things That have been debated I guess about how He made all his money and now there's Some allegations that have that in the Last 24 hours actually that I've changed My mind a little bit because there's Been some information that I didn't Really know about which was that he Essentially the way so for real not just A tiny just 20 second background check On him he made a ton of money like Millions and millions and millions and Millions of dollars by essentially being A manager for only fans for like girls Accounts right but before only answers I Think this is a long time ago it's cam Girls so you basically records uh Recruits this cam girls says hey you're Gonna make two grand a month but if you Work with me you're gonna make five Grand a month

Um because I know what I'm doing you're Not gonna you're gonna put all this Content No One's Gonna see it but you're Gonna waste a lot of money so he Recruits these girls says okay we're Gonna pay uh I'm gonna take this much You're gonna make this much but you're Gonna be working under me so it's Essentially like a legal pimp right The reason that he's getting arrested Part of the reason is because he's like Okay he actually lied he actually got These girls recruited them told them all These things I'm gonna make you rich I'm Gonna I'm gonna like live with you in This house it's gonna be beautiful like We're gonna work together every day and And then they get there and they're like Actually you're not gonna live with me You're gonna live with this dude who Picked you up from the airport you're Gonna do this 12 hours a day you're Gonna give me 75 not 20 like all these Things came out basically he was like These girls get there and it's nothing Like he said and it's one of those Things that he sold them on a dream and Then [ __ ] them over as a typical Ecom Guy right that's the new allegations When if that's the case now I'm like Okay if that's what one of the main Things we're rolling with this I could Believe is real it's just weird timing Um but now I'm very interested so uh the

Beginning when I said I don't buy it That's that's a little bit changed the Last 24 hours Look I know nothing I can tell you two Things he's either dead and wrong and uh Um and and is going to pay a price or he Hasn't done wrong and the system like he Says the Matrix Um wants to shut him down because he's He's having an influence on our working Class guys that the government just want To keep in line those are the two Options too rich he's too rich to go to Prison he's not going to prison I don't Know these are serious allegations I Mean you've got Bill Cosby still sitting In jail Um you've got Harvey Weinstein in jail Um there's a lot of powerful rich people And you're going to have Sam backman Freed sitting in jail but he's arrested In Romania he's Russian Romania Phil it Doesn't matter there's still a law bro I Mean I live in South Africa and we Listen we have one of the strongest Constitutions in the world people here South Africa and they think that I've Got lines running around on the streets And and they see pictures of the Township they don't see pictures of the Suburbs I'm saying that that we we have We are known to have some of the Strongest constitution in the world and We've also got one of the best banking

Systems in the world yes we don't have Electricity yes we don't have water Right we've got a lot of problems and We've got huge corruption in government Fine oh yes but there are certain things I don't know enough about Romania to Know whether it's right or what I'm Saying is that that can't factor into Whether he's gonna do it what what sort Of coincided with this was he's he had a Bit of a a war with Greta thundberg Um who Trump famously had a bit of a war With on Twitter Um I I what I what I do think is Important in this coverage yeah and Again I know nothing is to say that you Know you started saying that he called This what a what if he knew about this Um you know obviously he knew if he did Something and what if he knew that they Were investigating him and if all the Social Media stuff that he's been Building up in the last couple of months And years was to try and build a defense And say oh look I told you they were Gonna come after me because I I'm I you Know I'm I'm empowering men and you know That they knew this is I told you this Was going to happen what what if this Was all perfectly orchestrated Especially because he knew that this was That this was coming up I'm not saying It is I'm saying what if you know yeah It was I mean piggybacking off the idea

That they're corrupt as [ __ ] and we've Heard him on multiple occasions say the Reason he lives in Romania is because he Can get away with stuff he's like I can Pay people to not bust me for something He goes if I get pulled over I can just Pay them not to uh to give me a ticket Or whatever and because of that I do Believe that he's got power in this and I do believe what you just said uh is Possible where he maybe knew about these Allegations because they're corrupt Police and he's got people and friends Because he's so unbelievably rich I Think it's very possible Yeah it is I mean uh Ziggy Ziggy's uh Saying yeah I don't believe any of these Allegations are real he's a smart rich Guy he doesn't need to human traffic why Aren't they going off to FC thank you so Much he got rich he got rich because Yeah he was rich he wasn't Rich before Yeah so I remember I I remember in an Interview it was either Um with the full send guys or another or Uh David Bob David uh what's that big YouTuber I know the older guy Huh he's a red pill he's one of those Red pill YouTubers I don't remember his Name And Bob David he's he's a good I know You're talking about Okay so there was another interview with Him where he spoke openly about what he

Was what he was doing uh there or what We think is open yeah that could also be A part of a whole you know defense that He's trying to put up Um so so he was saying that they that They knew very well that they were uh Doing what they were doing and that Actually he was you know they were the Ones answering the the messages because Men know how men think and they made Those girls rich I I did see what you Were mentioning um today also Um the one part you left out is he he Actually got these ladies allegedly from This article and I know nothing he Allegedly got these ladies to come there On the pre-tits of a relationship with Him Maybe knowing that it would be an open Relationship like he talks about openly And you know whatever whatever but a Relationship with them and they got There oh no actually you're not saying Anything but you're staying with him but It's still a relationship oh no it's not Not really a relationship but inside and Slowly you know so got them to come Change their change uh their whole lives For him thinking they were in love or he Was in love with them and then slowly Once they there oh no it's just a job And whatever whatever whatever I don't Know if that constitutes human Trafficking I don't know if that

Happened all I know is that it's Interesting to see and it's interesting To watch what what happens I think if he Gets busted it's going to be one of Those where he serves if he does serve At all it'll be a [ __ ] tiny sin and Still get him on a bunch of stupid Charges that are not as big these are Seriously I know he was getting charged But I don't think he's gonna go I don't Think they're gonna win the case on any Of the big things I just I just don't See where he gets put away dude I just Don't not in a Romanian government System like maybe in America but in a World where he's where he said on Multiple occasions I live here because I Can pay people off he's literally said That's why I live in the East like That's why I'm here in Romania something Goes wrong I can just pay them off Because you can't do that in America you Get pulled over you get arrested for Bribing he goes I can bribe here Fun so robbery is not a big thing in in Romania about human trafficking Apparently is so much so that they're Holding him without charges without Official charges for the next 30 days While they investigate which puts them At huge risk of being sued for a huge Amount of money if they don't have a Problem if it goes under and they don't Get him for traffic think that they have

Enough of a case to to do this but if They don't hold it what are they going To do they hold it for 30 days it Doesn't work because okay we can't say This happens so they can't be human Trafficking what are they going to Charge you if there's going to be any Any relevant you know what I'm saying Like if that doesn't go through then They're like okay well Uh allegedly he was rich before because He ran the webcam studio in England Joe That's what we're talking about Um Kickboxing thing but the kickboxing Things again he never made money off That he's been open to the fact that he Never made money off that kickboxing Thing at all um but the webcam Studio Made him but not rich to this level I'm Sorry not rich that is how he got rich Studio didn't make him Rich to the lambo Level the lambo level was recently no no Well okay yes yes because the university The Hustler's University but he also did Make hundreds of millions from the Studio thing but Ziggy you're missing What we're saying here we're saying that That webcam Studio that you're saying he Got rich off of that is what he's being Investigated for the girls he made money Off from the webcam setup that you just Said is the thing he's being charged With that's how he got his money he

Became because of that that's why They're charging him so I think there's A little bit of a Like I don't know I feel like you're Skipping over something like we're Talking about that that's how we made His money though he didn't get rich Before It's if if if you want to set up a Only fans type thing where I can call a Number that's completely legal Um yeah and you know yes it's unsavory Right I mean it's not something you're Going to tell your grandmother you do Necessarily unless she's a moph or Whatever but um unless you'll go over There's a kicky stuff right you're not Going to tell that like I wouldn't I Don't know any grammars but I wouldn't I Wouldn't tell my late grandmother if I Was doing that there's something you're Proud of right sort of like nfts the Last couple of uh months until we turned Around her but you don't want to really Tell people about it yeah so it's not That it's more about how I got in there Again it's all allegedly it could be Completely like he says the Matrix is Trying to frame him Um and in the end because he's getting Too loud and he's making young men think About you know do they want to be a Workhorse for the rest of their life Could be all of that could not another

One that will keep an eye

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