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Might see anything with VR it reaffirms That this is the right industry to be in Because I've always wanted to work in Innovation but until last year I didn't Realize what that could mean because I Wasn't a tech guy I wasn't a coder and I Was like well I guess I'm doomed because I don't want to do that and then now They went through spaces here I'm always Thinking about ways that I can insert Myself there like what would give me the Best possibility of working with a VR Company or like what would give me Access to like VR companies and stuff And that's where I'm like oh I can just I have my my skill set is content Creation so I'll just do that so look The VR side of things has got its Challenges I mean you've seen I think You know Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg has Spent hundreds of millions in the last 10 years

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