Visa has BIG PLANS for Web3 & Blockchain Technology

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For the space that Mr Bergman We have a Visa and they are seeking Ethereum Engineers for their web free plans so They'll put out a yeah they're looking For like proper Engineers that Understand ethereum they are the second Largest payment processor in the world I Think MasterCard is the top one and they Have put out job applications for an Experienced software Engineers who are Passionate about the web 3 stack of Technologies specifically looking for an Engineer in London who understands the New ethereum enhancements the job post Also mentions Erc4337 it stands for releasing tokens On each blockchain and candidates Familiar with private key custody and Security protocols a clue according to The post bar Visa their crypto team is Building the next generation of products To facilitate comments uh sorry Commerce In everyone's digital and mobile lives The team aims to innovate and create Intuitive features in web 3 to bring new Value to customers these has been Involved in web 3 in the past however One of its Partners was FTX whose demise Put a temporary pause on their plans However in October 2022 Visa filed new Web through related trademark Applications and then four months ago They also published a technical piece on

Their website explaining the possibility Of leveraging the ethereum blockchain to Allow automatic payments in Cryptocurrency so this is really really Bullish my question to them Um or or not to them but just in general Is why ethereum because we all know that You know gas fees on ethereum are not Really are definitely not suited to high Volume cheap transactions I would Imagine that they would rather actually Be on polygon to be very very honest but Regardless of that it's incredibly Bullish that you know a company like Visa who really handles a huge amount of The world's payments are saying that we Want to prepare for the future and in Order to do something we need someone to Understand product I agree yeah I don't know uh I'm not sure exactly what they're gonna Roll with because you're right the Ethereum gas fees just are not it right Now so I'm not sure but it is interesting Because We we seem to have crossed the hump I Feel like I feel like at this point We've crossed the hump of like Like I saw a tweet from uh who after who It was but they were like if coinbase Leaves the US crypto's done like done Four and I was like dude I just stopped Believing that entirely like that whole

Narrative of is crypto here is it gonna Will it be here I'm like there's no will Or if I was like we are here there's too Many big boys and big girls who are in This game now and two and like it makes Sense like in a digital world to have These things like it makes sense to have The technology that is blockchain and The front end of that is crypto nfts I Was like that stuff is gonna be here There's no more if this will be here It's like no the question is which ones Which if you're investing at least which Ones are gonna win and you stick your Money there uh then the rest of it's Like yeah the Tech's coming the text Here is Texas here to stay it's just Gonna be built on Um and getting better uh it's just Stories like this where I think it's Funny because because people just aren't Informed and just like in every industry Like I'm not informed on other Industries Um but when people are like out here Casting judgment and like calling us Stupid I'm like bro You're silly like you're really silly I Was like the biggest companies in the Entire world are here they would not Bother at all in this kind of Market Especially to to bother they wouldn't Bother to bother so this is an old Infographic that I just found while you

Were talking this is about six months Old but this is just showing what Kate Is saying alphabet and this is six Months old so this is a September 2021 To June 2022 so whilst it's almost a Year old alphabet which is Um Google uh one 1 506 million dollars Into blockchain companies the alphabet Invested in that period 1506 million dollars into Dapper Labs Five blocks voltage and digital currency Group BlackRock which we now know a bit Of dodging the state but they invested 1170 million dollars into Circle FDX and Anchorage Morgan Stanley another huge Name invested 110 million dollars Samsung invested Just under a thousand million dollars Goldman Sachs 700 million dollars bny Billion 700 million dollars PayPal 650 Million dollars Microsoft 470 million Dollars Commonwealth Bank in Australia 420 million dollars prosperous 207 and So forth guys this is what Kate is Trying to tell you I mean and this is a Euro if if if you aren't if you are one Of these companies and you aren't Investing in blockchain to some degree You are going to fall behind I mean this Is a huge amount of money by massive Massive names Yeah and my my main point there is like The fomo of business world is much

Bigger than retail you know like when Like I just try and like get this Concept across to anytime I'm on streams Talking about this because I'm like it's Just so important because it's true it's Like when because this is how markets Work this is how business works this is How products and services are created When a Market's forms like when gymshark Comes out with something lit Everyone else whose competitors are Looking at Jim shark and saying was that A success or was it not and if it was a Success we're probably gonna have to do It because all the people who buy a gym Shark are also our audience and they're Gonna wonder why we don't have something Like this and when it becomes something Where nfts are in crypto and those Things are like yo this would be an Extra experience that we added to our Stuff and then another company says We probably need to do that and then the Domino starts like when the two leaders Do it it starts to infect itself and Everywhere else then they all start to Come out with their own versions of it Next thing you know three months later It is just normal for everyone to have It and that's just literally how it Happens and it's just a game of when That's the only thing we're waiting on And that's why we're out here making Content because in the meantime we gotta

do something with our time we Can't just sit around and wait all day Uh we're trying to create experiences For ourselves we're trying to have some Cool streams and talk to some cool People and uh

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