Vessels vs HV-MTL – Yuga Upcoming Activations

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One wants to ask a question we've got KD I'm gonna have to make a bigger just to See it all right hey guys between the Two upcoming Yuga activations What do you like more vessels or HV Heavy metals Um I'll take this one because you know You know me I'm big on my Yuga Um so I think it depends what you what You're going for if you're looking on The gaming side of things in a long-term Gaming play then you want to do metals If you're looking more for the sort of Yoga ecosystem exposure and still a bit Of exposure to the gaming because sort Of in between the two then heavy metals Will be the better number two so I'm not Talking about trading like which one I'm Not giving Financial advice like just About I'm not saying which one's going To go up quicker and win and whatever Because that all depends on your time Frame or whatever I'm assuming that you Looking for a long-term investment in The two my personal opinion is it Depends on what you are on what you're More interested in or more bullish in if It's the gaming side of Yuga then then Vessels is probably the play Um and if it's a bit of the gaming but More just being a part of that you get In general and believing that you know All the Assets in the ecosystem I've got Gonna continue to hold value then a

Heavy metal play would be better because Obviously there's a lot more vessels a Lot less heavy metals Um yeah so that would be my feeling Honest I don't know if there's anything You want to add that good I'll probably Go to the gaming asset because if you're Going to try and stick in the Yugi Ecosystem I just don't think it's safe Enough unless you're gonna buy a kettle Club or a me bit or a punk or a mutant Nape or a board if I feel like anything In that region is fine after that you Start to Risk it just you start to risk buying Into the collection that's already too Big in the same way that there's Multiple collections in in most in many Collections there's multiple collections Within the OG like the original and like You can buy them it's just like not Every collection has its own Community Behind it if that makes sense Yeah yeah so yeah it depends on what You're looking for but probably the Gaming asset the heavy metal one Yeah I mean I I think it's more Interesting to also bring in then maybe Another deed you know I mean so so Obviously heavy metal is new Um and we're not sure what's going to Become so there's there is that that Potential like we've seen with you again It is going to happen where it is going

To spark there's going to be ups and Downs and there's going to be better Trading uh chances on heavy metals but Long term if you're interested in the Gaming side Um you know and other D land is a great Way to go out as well Um so yeah just depends I mean that's The thing now with you get that's what's Happened there are so many options it's Actually quite difficult it is it's Really difficult to to call it and to Know it um but a lot of it depends on You the length of time that you want to Be involved in it but you know I I think Short-term heavy metals is a great play Vessels also Um about short term the shortest term is Heavy metals not Financial advice longer Term I would prefer another deed Actually because it's more OG just being Around for long it's a good point good Point uh we got nothing over here on the Spaces so we're good Um got another one over here

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