Valhalla Next Bluechip NFT?

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How do I look at the stats and the Details of Valhalla because there are Some interesting things that I think you Should be aware of when looking at Valhalla and what's actually happening Because there have only been a few times In the market when we've actually seen a Run up after reveal and one of that main One was azuki and from Um the numbers and the stats and what You're looking at the idea is we're Essentially getting higher lows and then We're also getting higher highs now we Do need to give this another day or so It doesn't mean that it's just going to Continue to rock it up but the fact is We have seen just consistently good Numbers being put in when it comes to Valhalla so it shows that the market is Favoring Valhalla and you can see here It is just a straight up so anyone that Is holding they are doing quite good and Actually having a great Um a great rip and a great ride on Valhalla

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