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[Music] What is going on everybody Welcome to Nft Alpha the channel that brings you The wildest nft sales upcoming nft mint And mind-blowing nft news handpicked by Me Taco so give us a follow on X nft Alpha show on Tik Tok at NF Alpha show And on YouTube at nft Alpha all right so We're going to start over here on X with Derp Birds you guys heard of The Derp Birds before they are on cardano I Haven't been forgetting about cardano I Know I've been covering a lot of Ethereum news but I I still love cardano And it looks like we got a mint coming Up and you guys are early because it is Going to be this Friday and we're going To go into more details so first off Welcome to deronia a community of meme Lord deons who enjoy digital Collectibles delivered to them in a fun Gamified road map and right off the bat Here is their pin tweet the start of a New era is here the derps are prepared The PRS are prepared the derings are Prepared and the drapes are also Prepared prepared are you prepared Friday October 13th at 300 p.m. Eastern Standard Time the Gold Rush will begin Here's a short little video for you [Music] [Music] Guys Scout report My Lord the prophecies didn't lie

Cheleni is manifesting everywhere just As foretold numbers a staggering 8,000 Locations right for our take all right And by fr the 500 all right that's Saying around 500 Ada day 13123 all right the mint details again It's going to be Friday October 13th at 300 p.m. Eastern Standard Time time the Cost will be 495 Ada with a supply of 8,000 don't Leave anything to chance review the Guide book to get prepared for the Gold Rush before we get into the details Let's just take a second to figure out What all these creatures are derps preds Derings drapes first off you got the Derp Birds Legacy Collection currently The floor is 1,25 Ada let's see what that comes out To in dollars about $254 and then you got the dirt Birds Main collection these are $999 for the cheapest one that's about It's about $248 and then you got the dirt Birds PRS I'm assuming it's predators and they Look beautiful glorious I'd be friends With this guy all right so it looks like The floor on these is 750 which is 186 Us American dollars and we got the Derp Apes H okay these are a little cheaper 97 which is about $50 and you also got Derp eggs these are 80 Ada floor looks Like there's 15,000 of them and what I'm

Assuming is you can purchase one of These and then Hatchet all right let's Read this from the creators of dirt Birds a mad scientist has developed an Incubation device that allows male birds To produce eggs containing derings okay All right all right let's get back to The details so you heard operating a Successful Outpost is as easy as just Holding and reaping the benefits huh Well you heard right but for those who Are looking to maximize their success With outposts we have a guide for you All right here is the guide for you Forge your path to Prosperity by Founding outposts and claiming your Stake in the bounties of deronia claim Mining outposts from around der patonia Each mining Outpost rewards holders with Crypto mining rewards for simply holding Fortify your outposts using your birds PRS derings and apes to earn additional Rewards so that is where all these Collections come into play use derp to Upgrade your Outpost and maximize their Reward potential okay okay the Derp Birds they got their yourself a token Called derp let's figure out what the Price is on good old tap tools holy see Right there it is up 66% in the last 24 Hours all right we're on the 4 Hour Let's go to the day Day what is that Holy snikes guys just a Little Alpha I mean this is nft Alpha

But for real screw ethereum check out Some of the gains on cardano just real Quick you got this hunt token it's up 10% you got Leni up 30 30 plus% in 7even Days you got milk up 65% in the last s Days you got Indie up 30% you got uh n NCS up 30% opt up 22% then meanwhile you Go over to ethereum I mean not not just Ethereum I'm kidding I love ethereum I'm Talking about like l1's l2s their own Specific blockchains like um Dogecoin Kind of flat Tron flat ton coin from Telegram semi flat up a little bit Polygon down bod dot down Litecoin Down Rap Bitcoin down Bitcoin cash down chain Link is staying Live back to the point of this video Each Outpost is located in one of seven Regions from around deronia or in the Case of one of ones has a totally unique Location Outpost come in three different Sizes and are aligned to one of the four Character factions The Derp Birds the pr The derpl blings and the Derp Apes which Will determine the visual style of the Structures in The Outpost all right let Let's check a to check out this video Why Not my dear comrades of Deronia once again I bring thrilling News just last week we unveiled our Grand road map but today today marks the Dawn of a new era in our Ventures into Uncharted territories we've discovered

Not just any resource but extraordinary Ones to ensure our Triumph we've Enlisted the ingenious tools and Technology from our allies the Gophers I don't know if you guys Actually realize what this partnership Is so I'm going to tell you the Goofy Gophers mining Club everybody so these Guys they use the funds that they got From their men and they bought mining Rigs and now they're rewarding their Holders with mined crypto And that looks like the dirt birds are Also in on the fun and so we proudly Announce the outposts every proud Citizen of deronia can now stake their Claim in this Bountiful land reaping the Rewards of our Collective Endeavors passive income for holding Outposts extra rewards for fortifying Outposts with derp nfts upgrade Outpost With derp coin united we shall see these Riches let's see what the future holds For [Applause] [Music] Us Yeah let go stink my clim okay I will Leave this in the description if you Want to learn more they also go into Earning rewards they go into fortifying Upgrading and structures ooh all right Let's just take a quick look at this Okay ooh all right yeah there's a lot of

Info here guys if I went overall this It'd be like a a 30 minute video I mean They've got their Road mapap they got Season 1 Season 2 Season 3 pay attention To the dirt birds and also the goofy go For mining Club because they're actually Doing stuff in the bare market and I Applaud them for it and I want to see More projects doing stuff and building Communities and expanding the nft Ecosystem it's all good stuff Taco Approved and we're going to end where we Always end on crypto slam with the top Nft collection sales over the last 24 Hours with a Kota a mega Coda by the way 9976 let's check this baby Out ooh Ugly I wouldn't want to mess with him Though cuz he's got a weapon and he is a Mega Coda and he just sold for 77 Ethereum 77 ethereum what is that $120,000 Jesus man I the the most amazing thing About these kodas are when you minted The other deed land you had a one in 10 Shot of getting a Koda and then you had Like a one in a 10 thou 100,000 chance Of getting a mega Coda and if you got One of these Mega kotas and you held it Until now you just sold it for 120 Grand That's like a in a really expensive car Yeah congratulations to the buyer Congratulations to the seller they're Probably going to throw this right on Their other D Lan and start uh defending

It against the shattered if you have if You have no idea what I just said go Check out my previous nft alpha videos Where we go into the other side their Whole game they just launched their beta Version so yeah go check out my previous Videos if you want to learn about that All right back to crypto slam on the Binance smart chain we had a Starcraft Planet sell for $32,000 on a mutable X Blockchain we had across the ages sell For 700 billion trillion dollars just Kidding $7,500 on the Mythos blockchain D Market We had a sale of $637 on the polygon blockchain we had The club1 125 sell for $548 to venturing over to cardono now we Had a pixel 7028 sell for almost $4,000 We had a samurai on salana sell for $ 3785 and arbitrum arbitrum had a huge Sale a GMX service sold for $2,547 that is all I got for today be Blessed make sure to be on the lookout For that mint happening in two days Taco Out

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