URGENT: FREE Pokémon Cards THIS WEEK! (NFT Bull Market Confirmed!)

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[Music] What is going on everybody welcome back To nft Alpha the channel that brings you The wildest nft sales upcoming nft mint And mind-blowing nft news handpicked by Me Taco so give us a follow on our Socials we got our X account at nft Alpha show we got Tik Tok at nft Alpha Show hey give me a follow Cryptor Taco 01 the one and only and if you're Watching on YouTube hit that subscribe Button guess what ladies and gentlemen Check your wallets your nfts might not Be so worthless anymore I hope prices Are up sales are rising and Traders are Buzzing are nfts back uh not fully but There's a potential comeback Brewing all Right let's read this article after Months of viral stories with giddy Headlines about how worthless most nfts Have become the diminishing nft Market Is finally showing real Signs of Life Sales have steadily been rising over the Last week with October trading volume Telling up 32% over September and daily Trading volume ticking up each of the Last few days days and yes people are Still spending six figure sums on jpeg Illustrations of rocks and uh real quick That is The Rock right there and it Looks like it's sold for over 100k on The Bitcoin Network so uh if if you were If you were here back in 2021 2022 you Probably are well well familiar with

This image of a rock because they were Selling on ethereum for hundreds of Thousands of dollars all right let's Keep reading but after a pretty rough Year and a half for nfts the numbers and Broader sentiment alike are finally Turning around here's what you need to Know about the rebirth of the nft market Prices are rising so the overall crypto Market is up Bitcoin is up 38% over the Last 30 days with a current price of Around 37k and ethereum is up 33% as Well with some altcoins seeing even Larger gains climbing crypto prices are Similarly helping to drive Rising nft Prices but it's not the whole story some Of the biggest nft projects have seen Escalating floor prices or the price of The cheapest listed nft on the Marketplace in terms of US Dollars the Crypt Punk floor is up 82% uh with a Floor of $125,000 the borab yak club price floor Is up 67% sitting at $65,000 and the isuki nfts are up$ 107% sitting at $13.2 th000 in ethereum Terms punks are up 31% apes are up 25 And isuki are up 48% granted there are Plenty of products that probably won't Post sizable gains and may not even Return to Blue Chip status but if Tokenized Rock illustrations can sell For 100 grand um or The Simpsons nfts Can generate millions of dollars worth

Of trading then who knows which projects Will be uh next to command attention Again so it is that time check your Open Sea wallet see if any of your nfts have Offer on them so as mentioned data Resource daa radar marked a 32% Month-over-month increase in nft sales Choing from 306 million in September to 405 million in October so about 100 Million increase and according to Onchain data on Dune daily nft trading Volume has risen for five straight days This week hitting a new 3month Peak Above 24 million on Thursday there are Many more traders in the mix as well With Tuesday seeing the most unique Wallets for a single day in at least 3 Months at 16,652 buyers so seeing new people new Fresh wallets purchasing nfts that is What we want to see we want more people Coming into the ecosystem new buyers new People purchasing their very first nft Here's our one of our favorite analytics Platforms crypto slam with a tweet Pretty much explaining the rise in the Price of crypto is parallel to the rise In nft prices the rise in price of Crypto along with Grail nft selling has Pushed the average nft sale price up to Almost $200 that's the highest we've Seen in in 238 days when we saw an Average sale price of $197 on March 16th all right I will

Leave this article in the description if You want to go into the details here it Just goes into more of the the numbers With some of the nft projects like The Bard a club crypto Punk Gods Unchained DraftKings uh hasn't been doing too well They're down 40% so rare nft card Trading is down 7% and trading on Ethereum scaling Network polygon is down Whopping 58% over the last 30 days but The Vibes are returning after well over A year of broad decline for both crypto Prices and nft sales these recent green Shoots and Signs of Life are pumping Excitement all around the market crypto Twitter is full of longtime Traders Stoking the fires of excitement over Sizable nft purchases increased Engagement and the possibility of Greater gains ahead so it's not all Good Vibes though open C has laid off half of Its team last Friday and its valuation Has dropped nearly 90% uhoh it is Serious okay context is important too While a 32% month-over-month increase in Nft trading volume is a positive sign October's $45 million tally is still a Far cry from the roughly $5 billion Traded during the peak month of January 2022 and the $65,000 for price for board Apes is well shy of the $429,000 peak of April of 2022 for The Bard ape yach club and this is a funny Graph I thought because you know when

That article came out where your nfts Are finally totally worthless well they Could not have picked the low of the Bare market for nfts any better look at That your nfts are actually finally Totally worthless right at the bottom There it's like backwards so it's hard To do it but yeah you see what I'm Saying so hopefully we're out of the Bare market for nfts we're still far Away from The Madness of the initial nft Boom and the peak of the crypto trading Crzy but things are happening and There's Sim in abound and if you bought Some nfts during the hype cycle it's Worth looking them up they might not be So worthless anymore all right let's Check my nfts let's see what have I what Have I got what have I got all right This is worth 10 10 ethereum all right Let's floor it let's floor it all right All right I'm just kidding but um let's Check out something else happened in Nfts Pokemon cards I love Pokemon cards I just I wish mine never got stolen when I was a kid but regardless the Tokenization of Collectibles is heating Up 400 tokenized Pokemon cards are being Given away for free this week and here's How to claim them definitely bookmark This I'll leave it in the description For you the web 3 week of thanks kicks Off today with 100 cards being dropped For free every day for 4 days the tokens

Or nfts are one to one redeemable for The physical graded asset volted and Stored at Brinks and I didn't know this But Brinks is 150 years old I I would Definitely trust them with my Pokemon Cards and here's the official tweet from Courtyard we're kicking off a new Tradition to give thanks to the web 3 Community so many memories we wouldn't Want to be on this crazy ride with Anyone else a week of free Pokemon drops Brought to you by privy chers and of Course Courtyard so here is how to get Them all right so Cory yard has Coordinated the drop I told you with Chers and privy to give back to the web 3 for Thanksgiving you're able to self- Custody the tokens on polygon Labs or Store them on Courtyards custodial Wallet on your account via the website Here's the courtyards chers unopened Pack and shout out to sammy. Moka Samy Eth for putting this thread together so Go to the Courtyard website and set up An account ensure you do this well Before the claim you want to do this now Before the drop so when the drop Actually happens you are all set up Ready to go because these drops sell out Within minutes and sometimes within Seconds it could be done using a Google Account or a manual user password you Will automatically have a custodial Wallet set up Reddit style magic and

Voila you are prepared but be mindful of Some curveballs prior drops had Wireless Requirements of holding two plus cards In the custodial wallet to Mint to avoid Botting and uh here's some of the alpha Cards uh that you may know I don't cuz I Just haven't kept up with Pokemon that's That's it that's the story but here's Some of the cards for you guys out there That can recognize some of these Japanese Bandai cardos vending starmy Bas set shadowless first edition Caterpie Japanese hyper sticker Amada Gold foil Von all right all right you Can buy future packs with credit cards But they mint out within minutes Sometimes seconds usdc on polygon mint Transactions tend to go through faster With less bounceback thus a higher Likelihood to successfully mint go to Settings for the custodial wallet Address you can buy existing tokenized Cards on open SE or via the courtyard Custodial Marketplace but ensure you Transfer them to the wallet you intend To claim the freebies from it will lower The risk of missing out in case those Crafty devs have created a little bot Challenge I wish you the best of luck Sorry not sorry but I'll be trying as Hard as I can to claim these you him and Him and uh me both you and I both may The best man win I'm hoping for a Grail Or another Charizard to add to my

Collection and uh definitely give this Guy a follow and like and retweet this So more people can try and get these Pokemon cards I'll do it right now boom Boom all right here is their official X Account I'll leave it in the description And here is their official page which I Will also leave in the description but That is all I got for today I hope you Enjoyed the video until next time Taco Out

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