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Hey what's going on guys it's will Hopefully you're having a great day Today There is a few things that I want to Think about uh when we go into this Video today while creating art Is one thing being able to express uh The value of the art is almost just as Important as being able to express your Artistic ability and yourself Express And Market the music that you're Creating in a way that actually makes Money for the music Because most artists they are really Good at the expressing themselves and Creating the art part but when it comes To the business side or the side where You're Working on getting the music out it can Be difficult but that is something that If you learn how to Market and express The value of the music the same way that You make music then you have A business that's built around something That you love which is music and that's An art form and it's in itself I want to Share with you guys in this video number One a tool that will help you to be able To Make music not just faster it's not About making music fast but uh the Reason it exists is to help you express Yourself In a way or just to amplify and and make

Expressing yourself easier when creating Songs so when it comes to making music It will also help you make music faster And I want to share this tool with you Guys that I've made it's called tune Flow tune flow is a tool that we created Basically to help you make songs and It's still in the very beginning stages And I have some really good ideas for This to help you streamline your music But I've been using it and the reason I Created it is for myself to actually Make music and My wife who's a professional singer She's got over a hundred thousand Followers on Instagram over 10K on YouTube she Makes makes music uh uh Spanish music This works for English it works for Spanish it works for getting lyrics it Works for getting Um bpms or chords for your Beats It can do a lot and so she's been using It with her producers and I've been Using it for myself and it's actually Not available to the public yet but I Wanted to share with you guys it and you Can access it Soon Um if you go get that free ebook down Below then you'll be on my email Newsletter about music nfts and about Monetizing Some of your Creations whether you're a

Producer or an artist uh a singer or Songwriter And if you get on that newsletter I'll Send this out to you as soon as it's Available so anyway uh it could be Another song that already exists it Could be pasting your lyrics in here or We could write a song right now So The story is About Aspiring entrepreneur musician Who makes Beats and Things Occasionally And Has Fallen Into Let's make it big for us all falling Into a vicious Oh man I don't spell this is wrong I Think it's like that ambitious cycle Of Um Trying to earn a living From streaming but is now Um increasing The value of His or her music by offering it as nfd's Example All right so now we can close this Um The moon sad I'm gonna go with really

Um Really uh triumphant let's say and also Sometimes Sad like life But also good and you could say chill You could say Um something like a one word type of Deal you could also really like hammer Down the mood and get an output of that Expression that might be better or might Help you it's like it's a tool it's like The tool itself is not going to Determine you or determine like the the Thing you're doing but you can choose to Use it and it could get the job done Better or faster and so that's kind of What this is it's not going to determine How your song is in fact we're going to Be able to customize this output words I Would like chords And we don't need a key but if if we do I mean if we're generating chords it Should be enough So now here on tuneflow we're gonna Actually press create And it's going to begin creating uh this Tune that we created I want you guys to know that again it's A tool and it's only going to help you Express it's not about determining how You write your songs it's about helping You to be able to express So first things first we have the BPM Got the key which is C major and we got

Some nice chords here c g a minor and F Can't really go too wrong with those Chords And then we have uh yeah so the output I'm an inspiring entrepreneur with my Skill with my music skills creating Beats and singing It's what my heart Feels Falling into a vicious cycle trying to Make ends meet Streaming became my life but the reward Rewards were bittersweet But now I found a way to increase the Value of my art offering as nfts oh it's Just the start Triumphant because I know that I'm worth More than streaming sadness Fades away Because now everyone knows My music kept going kept me going Even when things got tough but streaming Left me feeling like I wasn't enough Now I've taken control and made Something new The value of my music has grown sturdy And true often as nfts just to start Trumping because I know that I'm worth More than streaming sadness Fades away The bridge It took a while for me to find this path And The Tease gave me wings so free from Raging Wrath A future brighter than Diamond bling Music is no longer something unseen so Guys you know this is just an example

And uh basically how this tool works is If you wanted to get different outputs Then you can adjust it here if you want To adjust the chords and you wanted to Go for producing Then you could do that and just Put in your mood and what the song is About and it will match the chords based On the mood and what the song is about As you can see we got C which is a Triumphant chord that's kind of like a Coming back chord I'm on my way chord we Got G which is a happy chord so that Actually is really triumphant This is the good happy a minor is Um more of a sad or romantic chord so it Ties in the sad and then ends with but Also good with an F So uh the the chords that you get can Also relate directly to The mood that you input or the song Story and that's how it's actually Designed to help you So hopefully you guys enjoyed this video I just want to share with you this tool And I would like to know how you would Use it there's a few things that we're Working on right now to make it more Efficient like having Rhymes right there Handy being able to section off the Verse versus the chorus and drag and Drop and being able to regenerate just Certain uh pieces of the song and edit That output is all some of the things

That would be good in my eyes so much of Starting a song In my eyes is always just coming up with The main idea and the main idea could be A lot easier to come up with with this Tool Because all you have to do is a little Bit of the preface of the story and it Will spit out something for you to be Able to Use and so hopefully you guys uh find This tool to be interesting if you'd Like to access this Tool uh you get it For free when you're part of the three Cues to music nfts and all the Developments and it's not a subscription It's just a one-time payment and it's 150 off for a full lesson library of Music nfts uh lessons how to plan your Project Goes into why would you offer music as Nfts which blockchains do you want to Use which platforms are the best Creating your nfts are you doing Multiple editions for a song are you Putting music on beat stars or Spotify And then also taking that music and Offering it as nfts to increase the Monetization and grow your audience Um Are you gonna be collecting from Streaming and then paying out via nfts To the holders of your music or are they Just Collectibles of your music that

People can buy for a price and you're Selling you know 50 copies or a thousand Copies per song how to pre-sell your Music nfts how to just make sales and One part about it is like oh I don't Maybe you don't want to do sales as a Musician Um in the digital age there's so much You can do to make it streamlined and so That's what we cover too is how to Automate it and make people come to you And you're not spending all this money On ads but also if you want to spend Money on ads the best places to do that To get the best return on your money is Something we cover in the marketing Section as well so if you guys would Like to learn with me one-on-one and Also surround yourself with like-minded Individuals then I encourage you guys to Go check out the three keys to music Nfts down below now nfts is one side and Also just uh the creation side is a big Part as well and that's why we created This tool to be able to help you to get Your music out as well we'll be adding Some new features to this that will help You to be able to streamline that Process that I'm really excited about And I hope that you guys enjoyed this Video thank you so much for watching and I'll see you in the next one peace out

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