U.S. SEC to ban Crypto Currency Staking?!?!

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Um you know anything to do with AI at The moment seems to be pumping which is Quite interesting and I think you know We've got to say why is this happening So the biggest catalyst is that we had Kraken in exchange shutting down staking So Kraken basically has been in uh uh Talks with the SEC and they were being Investigated and they've officially now Settled with the SEC and you can see Almost directly in response to that it Automatically moved from 1626 to 1 572 dollars when that happened And the big thing was because coinbase CEO CEO Brian Armstrong tweeted that We're hearing rumors that the SEC would Like to get rid of crypto staking in the US for retail customers so basically the Retail investors who really have a lot Of money and are able to drive markets Could possibly not be allowed Um to invest in any coin which has Staking as a part of it which is quite a Lot of them Um so you know this is something that we Need to continue watching obviously it's Not yet official but usually usually With this sort of stuff where there's Smoke there is fire and when you start To hear ramblings from big people and Reputable people like going by CEO Brian Armstrong together with the news that Kraken has agreed to settle with the SEC And part of that settlement was that

They shut down their staking then you Can put two and two together and say That that's probably what's going to end Up happening Damn dude well okay so first off each Did not crash that hard so one that's Like that's cool because you know what's Interesting yes like a lot of retail has Gotten in very you know very recently in The last couple months but there are so Many like Uh like what crypto crypto hard Believers that are here right now so It's interesting that that news didn't Crash way harder than if it was like It's not official news right if I think If the news was the SEC coming out Saying that I think you would see even Now you would see a massive crash at the Moment it's it's coined by CEO saying That he thinks that this might happen Right Yeah yeah I guess that's true Um I just with any kind of like centralized Entity what any kind of news like this Comes out I feel like a lot of people Have just kind of Run for the hills the Second it comes out just because what Happened with FTX and Celsius and all Those other companies uh what are your Thoughts on on the whole thing the weird Thing for me was this story the coinbase CEO coming out and saying I heard some

Stuff it's like well what what do you Mean you heard some stuff like it's not Even legal for you to say like that like You know what I mean It's possible like if if I think about You know any industry like if you think Of us as as YouTubers or whatever you Want to call us in the nft space we all Sort of talk to each other so like for Example if if crack and CEO spoke to Coinbase CEO and said look you know We've settled with the SEC but you know My cracking Guy saying my feeling is That the SEC is going to end up Banning This Um you know that could be what he means So he can't maybe say his Source but I Doubt he would have tweeted about it Unless his Source was a very very Reputable one you know Um I don't think he would have tweeted About it but I think he can't divulge Your soul so I do think that you know Where there's smoke there's potential Fire we do know that the FBA that the SEC has been on edge since FTX Um you know and obviously we had three Arrows we had Luna I'm not going to Rattle them off but a lot before that And they now have mud on their face Because guys are saying hold on where is The SEC in all of this why has this been Allowed to happen so they're definitely Going to want to make some very big

Moves whether they're able to or not is Another story so let's just say you know I don't know how the laws work there in The States but let's just say the SEC Says we now are not allowing retail Investors to invest in in crypto which Estate are can someone take them to Court I mean can companies take them to Court and and query that and and say That's that's illegal yeah Because that's that's what would happen Yeah if something crazy like that Happens yeah and I think any any country With a good Judicial System they'll be Taken to court Um and uh you know they might have to Put that on hold the fact that they're Banning it until the court case is heard And and finally so I think we're getting A bit ahead of ourselves Um but everyone's got PS PSD right the Post-traumatic stress pts from uh From uh from what went on with fgx Luna And all the rest of that and you can't Blame us Um anyone in the space you know uh just Over a year ago we were looking at Bitcoin at 60 000 you know in ethereum At four thousand so we've been through Proper trauma in this place so yeah at Any sign of any problem you do see that People are like scared as hell and That's what's making the market so Volatile and it's not just the crypto

Markets but we're seeing that with the Stock exchange as well everyone because The stock exchange is the same thing it Went down almost 50 percent last year Right yeah So guys are scared and guys are so Scared that it's gonna happen again but What's interesting speaking about the Crypto stuff and this is really really Uh something that I'm excited to discuss With you code Um the these Bitcoin nfts are

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