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Feels like kind of like an all-in-one Platform already and dude once they Start introducing the video side of it I Think it's over bro like I really do Think Twitter is gonna work because of Their no-nonsense policy if we can like Whatever you want to do versus being Owned by meta with Instagram and I Really do think Twitter is going to be It Yeah I agree with you and you called us On the show here a couple of months ago When Elon just took over and I was like Yeah that's going to be a small part of It and literally two weeks later Elon Musk said look this is a huge part of us Yeah we're going to be coming out with Content so you've definitely run money Yeah you know on the money then I think I I think they're going to give Tick-Tock and potentially YouTube the Shorts Um you know but of bit of a run for Their manufactation algorithm bro They're just going to choose okay like Let's give them an algorithm that boosts People who are just posting and there's Not a lot of people here we're gonna Reward the people posting here they're Going to use the same layout use YouTube Shorts did the same layout Tick Tock did This

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