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There's a Netflix documentary I think It's about quadriga is what the coin With the exchange was called a big Exchange basically like the coinbase of Canada a few years ago Um and they basically Bitcoin crashed And they lost everything the exact Situation the FTX basically went they Halted all withdrawals everyone lost Their money but then the founder Disappeared and apparently died in Asia But there's no way he died like He's definitely the Bitcoin uh it's a Bitcoin exchange I believe it was called Quadrigo yeah but it's a Netflix Documentary Oh they've already got it okay I watched It last year it was an incredible Documentary it was very very well put Together Yeah you should watch um so yes I would Like to if you send me the name I'd Really it's a mount Cox is that what We're talking about Um the mount Cox hack of uh Bitcoin I'm sure that's I mean that was the big Thing that happened no so it's called It's called trust no one the hunt Um is it the hunt for the crypto King

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