Trump Indictment Conspiracy Theory & Its Impact On Trump NFT Collection

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It's funny okay alrighty next one we've Got Donald Trump I mean look how young He looks in his nfg connection they Really make him look very young and but You know serious news he's been indicted By a grand jury in Manhattan on more Than 30 counts related to to fraud Um but the big reason that he's been Indicted at the moment is this case with Um this X I don't know if she was a prostitute Going I don't know if I can say that but Whatever happened there with Stormy Daniels Um and the hush money that was paid and All the rest of that the reason that This is important to us well I guess There's a few first of all this does Have an effect on the on the U.S economy As a whole I mean you know generally Speaking is it okay to in indict someone On such charges when it's quite clear That they just try to get him not able To run against them in the next Elections Um you know I think that is something Important but the reason I'm bringing it Up really is just because we've seen his Nft collection react every announcement Quite aggressively so when he got Indicted it went up 25 it's now come Down again Um it's sitting at a point four two Eighth floor but I've just been watching

His nft collection react to this news And there's a lot of opportunities here Because there is a lot of news around Him and every time there's something That happens it goes up and then goes Down so if you into trading this is Actually quite a great collection you See cells you know all the way from Point three to point Five five within the space of the last Week so there's definitely an Arbitrage Opportunities here to trade for sure Just bar floor one sell it but you know When it goes up when there's news Because you know that there's going to Be more news on this Yeah basically if you think Donald Trump's going to be a public figure and Remain a public figure then you buy this Collection and honestly this is very Contingent on if he does well in uh in The presidential run if he doesn't I say He Fizzles out and he pretty much is not Going to make a comeback after that Because it's like what else you're gonna Do like he's he's here to run for President again and to make you know Noise about that and if this doesn't Work out for him I think this project Probably probably just doesn't come back To be honest but if he does remain in The Limelight this is a fun project to Keep up with it's also interesting Because this is a very similar idea to

How my brand is built it's kind of like If you follow me my brand that is the Main reason you buy and you know you Think I'll be bigger next year and the Year after that and you're after that But you're really just on this ride with Me that's very similar to this brand of Of Donald Trump's digital train cards They're like if you [ __ ] with Donald if You think he's going to be here to Create you know entertainment and Whatever then you buy his project and Also if you're just a massive uh Diesel And you just want to flip so Um I don't know this I didn't really Link it together when you said about Um the indictment with with his presence Around trying to stop it but that makes A lot of sense um I don't know this One's weird this one's weird because she Didn't even get that's clearly what They're doing that's clearly what they Do because once you know until this is Finalized I don't think someone who's Currently sitting in court can run for President so whether they've got a case Against him or not is irrelevant it sort Of stops him and I think it's quite Obvious the thing is is that there is Four years time and also there's one of His children right and I do think that This is like really declaring war and I Think you know if art was Um you know one of his children or

Something to that effect and I felt that My dad had been wronged it might drive Me to want to run for president to right That wrong you know Um A lot of podcasts recently he's so he Went on the full set of Nook podcast Which is probably gonna get over a Million views two million views probably That man's been on multiple times now There's a chance Donald Trump Jr does Something here bro I mean he's he really Is a public figure he's out there he's Famous Um he's out there sharing his thoughts And stuff it doesn't happen this time Round I'm saying it's definitely going To happen in the future we see the President's tend to be in families Um the Trump family because uh you know Donald Trump was president is now part Of that Um and whether it be him in four years This time around or four years time or Someone you know even if Uncle or Something you know she would have a lot Of support because she's not as crazy as Her dad Um and you know less less wrapping People the wrong way but you know I just Don't think this is the end of it from Any perspective Um regardless of whether they succeed in Stopping him from being able to run this

Time around I think a lot of people who Weren't maybe going to vote for anyone Now are angry and you know I I think It's going to backfire I I don't think It was a good decision to be very honest Strategically long term I'm not sure I'm not sure how many People share this the same opinion as Far as like them being angry that Because I didn't I literally just didn't That did not come across my my mind of Like they're trying to stop him from Running that just didn't come across my Mind so I don't know how much of the Public is thinking that when when they See this thing I think I feel like My perspective would be like Okay they're suing him and then there's Two sides it's either this is nonsense Or the other side where they're like [ __ ] Trump I hate Trump he should be Arrested for it doesn't even matter he Should just be thrown in jail Um I just never linked the two that it Was to stop him from being president and I don't know if people are smart enough To put those two together because like I Wasn't smart enough until you said it so Who knows I mean maybe maybe they all Came that thought I have no clue Um Let everyone comments I you know if if This was South Africa I'd be quite Confident in what I'm saying that this

Is obvious Um but I'm not American so I don't have A right to say what the sentiment on the Ground in America is Um but this this is relatively obvious You know of all the charges this is not One that really would stick Um so it's just the one that they could Give permission to do this but this Doesn't really have a good chance of Succeeding in a quote from what I Understand these charges if they bought Real charges against him like that like That whole violence thing that he did It's storming the capital you know there We where they really is this like with The smoke there's fire there he was Complicit in my opinion and he did Rallies troops you know that I would Sort of understand Um but but this this this to me just Seems like a obvious ploy to try and are They scared and they want to try again I'm not able to run those next time Around so I'd love to hear people's Comments and if you're seeing any Comments whether it be on YouTube or Twitter let me know but yeah Like there's like multiple news people That I follow that have just like the Highest quality

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