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Is a problem in my mind because until This is sorted I think this this hampers Growth I think people are scared to Enter the space and people who enter the Space I mean I'll be honest with you When when my Ethan clone was stolen and It wasn't the value that was the thing When that happened to me I I thought Went through my mind like what am I Doing in this in the space like this I Know it's silly it was a it was a moment Thought you know but you know me I came Into this space I worked my way up to Every nft I bought all the way to a Broad API Club trading Um and to have someone just come and Take you know effectively in rands my Local currency a quarter of a million Ran from me hey I just thought I don't Want to be in a space like this it was Temporary Um and I was embarrassed I didn't want To talk about it I I didn't tell you I Didn't tell anyone until Andreas came on Three or four weeks later and somehow it Sort of came out and he was like really Sweet about it and said no

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