Trader Wins $1M By Baiting Bot Into Buying NFTS

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Nifty news Trader nav's 800 ethereum by Baiting a bot nft thefts slow and more a Trader walked off with nearly 1.5 Million dollars after he tricked a bot By copying his trades and uh you know he Marked them up quite a bit and it Triggered this bot to buy them YouTuber And non-fungible token Trader Han Wei Chang said he scored 800 ethereum worth Around 1.5 million dollars by tricking a Rival Trader's bot into buying his own Inflated nfts so two days ago Chang said He noticed that Bob was copying his bids On the nft marketplace blur so he Decided to play a little trick on him Knowing Bots were coppering his trades Chang plays an inflated bid on the nmt's Held in his Anonymous wallet from his Publicly known hanway.eth wallet what's A ball automatically copied the inflated Bid Chang accepted it from his Anonymous Wallet and was able to Palm off the nfts At a significant markup

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