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The owner of the bot known as Elizabeth Oh I get it Elizabeth because it's Daddy Elizabeth responded to Chang's post Claiming that funds were stolen and Offered to discuss a 10 Bounty if the Funds were returned let me know in the Comments if you did something smart on The blockchain and walked away with 800 Ethereum would you return it to uh the Person that got tricked essentially let Me know chains on chain move triggered Discussions over its legality is this Even legal lawyer Gabrielle Shapiro said He thinks Elizabeth might have good Legal claims to get their Eve back from The Chang's trick but only they hire a Skilled litigations attorney I mean this Is blockchain folks this is a immutable Ledger on chain so they're gonna need a Lawyer who is familiar with how crypto Works I I personally if you ask me I Think that this is everyone's playing The game and somebody uh played the game A little bit better they didn't use any Cheats or hacks they used something that Anybody else in the whole entire Ecosystem could have used

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