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What is going on ladies and gentlemen And welcome on back to the Jersey Channel in today's video I've got five Upcoming Solana nfts that I want to talk About and give my own personal opinions On and just give you guys a little bit Of insight on the Market Solana ethereum And Bitcoin all doing generally pretty Well for the whole past week and all Coin Seasons just around the corner Hopefully we can see some good things Happen very very soon nothing in today's Video is financial advice so always do Your own research and please be safe out There but in today's video we have Played The Heist mad Lads Namaste by Solana Sensei sanbar IO and we have void Bastards if you guys are interested be Sure to watch all the way through Today's video I do have a one Solana Jackpot prize going to one random Comment down below so like subscribe and Drop a comment starting today's video Off at number one I do want to talk About mad Lads mad Lads is bringing some Very new looking artwork to the scene of Solana the pfps aren't your casual Squares they're more horizontal Characteristic the design is definitely Very different and to some people it Does look very good my personal opinion Is it's not my favorite I don't think I'd purse recently pfp it but I see the Efforts behind the art itself and it

Looks very very good so let's talk about Backpack as mad lad is a project built Out by the backpack team backpack is a Crypto wallet it's an open source cross Chain wallet that allows anyone to build Their own EX nfts on any protocol on any Blockchain this means you can have all Your nfts and all your crypto in one Place are you sick of going from Metamask to Phantom to maybe a cardano Wallet well you can have it all in one Place now with a backpack the upcoming Mint will be used from the backpack Wallet no other wallets will be accepted It's gonna be a 10 000 size supply of The Mad lines themselves and it's gonna Be a 6.9 Salon emit price which is kind Of high and also mints on April 20th Coming up at number two we have play The Heist a project that took the World by Storm in the Solana ecosystem based on Their pfps their subtle information About a play to earn game scenery Artwork and imagery play The Heist is an Upcoming play to earn web 3 game that Involves chimpses robbers and gorillas As cops all going for that juicy Nana a Token they'll be competing against each Other to earn prizes and collect the Most bananas and the game's set to Launch on the Solana blockchain the Objective is pretty simple like I said Earlier you gotta fill your bags with That Nana that you can do this by

Stealing it from establishments Throughout the city going on Heist and Risking it all as well the tokenomics The plans and the overall play to earned Game do look very sustainable so I'm Excited to see how it plays out and what Kind of future it'll bring and how long It'll actually work out it's a 10 000 Size Supply with 1 000 of these being The gorillas basically the cops and 9 000 of these as The Chimps aka the Robbers so a 90 to 10 Ratio or a nine to One this is minting on April 17th so Like quite literally tomorrow or even Today I might be late on uploading this But it's a mint price of 6.75 Solana Which is a little high as well but Current market projects are doing very Well at this price I want to talk about Solana Sensei and Namaste a project that Solana Sensei is launching himself this Is going to be a very limited size Supply nft at 111 nfts itself project Claims to be a unique nft collection That embodies love positivity and Gratitude throughout this building uh Community the quotes in the collection Cover topics such as Enlightenment Non-duality ego peace and compassion the Project does have no road map no Discord No Twitter and no utility making it a Pure experience of Namaste throughout This loyalty is rewarded people are Going to be hand-picked to get this nft

Project from Solana Sensei and the team Themselves airdrop for free and overall Mancelona Sensei has been a huge person In the space fish a long time they've Been here before I got here and I've Always looked up to their account their Twitter their posts and everything in Between so to see this kind of like nft Project Community Based hand-picked and Given out I think it'll make a really Cool experience for a community-led Project let me let me let me get one Soul buckets and Sandbar IO Sandbar is a Project founded by Soul buckets another Massive person in the web 3 and Solana Ecosystem that's been here before I got Here about a year and a half ago and the Project aims to solve a key problem That's been plugging the web through Space the lack of central location for Web3 professionals to connect Collaborate and showcase their skills Sandbar's main focuses are going to be Creating a platform and a product that Allows you to connect with other people Outside your knee allowing professionals To post gigs and job listings through Things like SAS and overall things you Might need for a project this could be Marketing this could be video editing This could be script writing this could Be overall development for your project It could be smart contracts it could be Web 2 related or even web 3 related

Overall I think Sandbar is building a Pretty cool product and platform for People with like-minded skills and Assets and you'll be able to outreach And connect with other people that Weren't in your circle to begin with Giving you more an outlook on the space Itself number five we've got void Bastards a project that just quite Literally came out of nowhere I didn't Know anything about it because we just Had the actual project called bastards Launch which are like the cowboy Futuristic but void Bastards has just been taking a lot of Attention in the Solana ecosystem Especially on Twitter and Discord Gaining quite a bit of eyes the bastards Project is aiming to create an auction Platform where users can earn money Every single time they place a bid or They get outbid this will be utilizing Their token called voids and with things Like bass boxes each of these carries Out one vote in the void down this will Determine token burning and valuation But what exactly is void this core token Is the lifeblood behind the voids Protocol providing real value to owners And backed by the protocol itself voids Can be used to bid in auctions mint nfts Buy raffle tickets and to access that Void Dow governance use case all this Void token earned and raised by the

Platform will be burned and buyed back Into the actual protocol itself so we'll Be somewhat deflationary on a sense of An outskirt so throughout this you can Earn this voids token by staking the Bass boxes nfts swapping the cset token Into the voice token which can be farmed Out by staking the bastards pfp nft Itself and I do see a little bit of Potential and growth behind this Mechanism throughout their token and Their nft probably missed a little bit Of information on the bastards project Itself if you guys have any other Information on any other project as well If I've missed anything in today's video Let me know down below without further Ado thank you guys for watching it's Been your boy Jersey I'll see you next Time and uh peace

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